Bleed with Me

Bleed with Me

Laura is having a day that can hardly get any worse, but then she stumbles into a cabdriver and things are about to get even worse.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   kidnapping,  

Laura is having a day that can hardly get any worse, but then she stumbles into a cabdriver and things are about to get even worse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bleed with Me torrent reviews

Chickflic F (ag) wrote: I have read reviews of the film on both Amazon and iTunes and was interested to watch myself. I found it interesting that the majority of people loved the movie then there was of course a few haters which I find is often the case with classic romantic comedies or chick flics. So let me be systematic in my approach to this review :Pros of the movie: Lots of locations and nice lighting in many of the shots. The flaws and struggles of each character are relatable. The movie is clean and can be viewed by any age, which is refreshing. If you are younger and familiar with Youtubers and other social media darlings you will enjoy the movie. ConsThe movie is an Indy film that obviously didn't have a multi million dollar budget but on the whole I would say the quality far exceeds many that have somehow found their way onto various tv networks. The movie could have benefited from a bit more development of the relationship between "Ethan and Emily" the male and female lead characters. I have seen criticism of the acting. The male lead seems to have taken the brunt of it. I think that most comes from a misunderstanding of the character and a lot less of this actor, who is obviously in the beginning of his career. His character was not Intended to be a stud or casanova as I saw in one review instead the average guy friend that girls tend to ignore. It is that quality that makes him perfect for the job of being a "matchbreaker". Is his acting Oscar worthy, No, but did I laugh out loud throughout the movie. Cristina Grimmie also did a solid job to have never acted. Her comfort in front of the camera was an obvious advantage for her. It is a true tragedy that she didn't get to live to see this movie's debut. The rest of the cast I enjoyed thoroughly, and must admit to being a huge Olan Rogers fan. Geez he's funny... So all in all, if you want to watch a movie, that is clean, appropriate for all ages, (but not in the cheeky "family friendly" genre), have a few belly laughs at the situations that many people have likely encountered then you will really enjoy this movie. It's target audience is younger, those familiar with social media darlings, and most obvious girls. However, if you are expecting a movie budget and acting of "Sleepless in Seattle" then you are taking yourself much too seriously or you are troll that enjoys taking cheap shots at lesser known or new talent. I base my star rater on how I felt after watching it and if I watched it either moved deeply or just feeling jolly then it'll get my support.

Taio G (mx) wrote: Colombiana is another good action thriller from the director of transporter 3. Zoe Saldana proves she can be a good lead in her own movie being a sexy badass chick. The story is pretty simple revenge for family although it seems slow at times, it's saved by some good acting and nice action scenes. Check it out if your looking for a entertaining flick.

Adam F (de) wrote: "Confession of a Porn Addict" plays to its star Spencer Rice's strengths and overall it works. The film stays firmly in the realm of reality so this isn't the type of comedy where you'll get wild comedy hijinks or people making puns and jokes. The comedy is mostly based around the concept that these guys are addicted to porn and so messed up that anything could set them off, even a billboard with a photo of an ordinary woman on it. The characters feel realistic and the performances are fine and although there aren't a lot of big laughs it's entertaining throughout and there might even be a shred of reality that makes the film deeper than just an odd mockumentary. If you want to see something different or if you're a fan of the "Kenny vs. Spenny" star it's worth a watch. (Dvd, February 3, 2013)

Will D (es) wrote: Unimpressive horror war film.

Sonia A (jp) wrote: I don't think there was something very great about this movie>>???? but just one good looong show watch!!!!! and man I thought Abhishek will make me feel good...but even he was a disappointment!!!! Sheer waste of time!!!

Sanel A (it) wrote: Istinita pri?a o brutalnom ubojstvu 8 mladih medicinskih sestara. Dobar film.

Tony S (ru) wrote: Definitely an acquired taste for the not-too-easily-disturbed, but this is a truly haunting & magical work by a very gifted, visionary filmmaker.

Gary S (us) wrote: Boring and slow! What a snore-fest!!

Steve D (nl) wrote: True story is intense and well cast. A very interesting adventure

Jenni P (mx) wrote: Movie kicked ass. I was making the "O" Face the whole time. Great rides!

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Alright but the gags ran thin and they just did the same things over and over again and it got boring very quickly.

Noah P (de) wrote: Harrison Ford is as good as he always is, but this movie's fairly predictable plot stretches over two hours- it's nearly as slow as Blade Runner, and not half as interesting. It has a few moments of interest. I was surprised to see Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi in a cameo.

mana a (es) wrote: oh it is one of my favorite sophie marceau movies.she is amazing.i love this .i watched 5 times

Rosemarie S (jp) wrote: good & slow about abnornmal behaviors & relationships... reminded me of "Psycho"...

barbara l (kr) wrote: This was an imbarrseing movie to him he was not one to show his body that way

Catherine Y (es) wrote: A light-hearted summertime classic. My favorite part (beside's Mr. Poppem's somewhat creative take on truth) has to be the ugly bug ball. Don't we all feel a little like the ugly bug sometimes?

Jayamadhava D (gb) wrote: Despite more fiction then fact,,An Amazing RARE film

kat p (nl) wrote: It looks like a good movie