Blind Man

Blind Man

Le cadavre mutilé d’une jeune femme est retrouvé à son domicile. Pas d’effraction, pas de témoin : le crime est parfait. L’enquête est confiée au commandant Lassalle, un flic expérimenté et solitaire, détruit par la mort de sa femme. Alors que d’autres meurtres tout aussi sanglants sont perpétrés, Lassalle est intrigué par la personnalité d’un aveugle, Narvik. Mais l’alibi du suspect est plausible et son infirmité le met hors de cause. Un étrange duel, telle une partie d’échecs, s’engage alors entre les deux hommes.

A police inspector must solve two grisly murders. The problem is that his only suspect is a blind man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Garrett H (ag) wrote: A good movie describing Desmond Doss, the man who survived a fight without a weapon. I loved how the movie was told

Tomas W (mx) wrote: dawno nie bylo tak dziwnie dobrze :)

Pablo E (es) wrote: The Stone Roses, Made of Stone, es un documental de un fantico para fanticos. Cuenta la historia de esta exitosa banda de Manchester, que pese a derrochar talento no supo mantenerse al tope debido a problemas con representantes, sellos discgrficos, medios y egos. Tras 16 aos vienen a montar un concierto, y esta es su historia. Muy recomendable.

Jwalak P (de) wrote: One the best movies I have seen now a days .Its pure love and The thing id both of them makes a great couple.Those who didn't see this and those who love these types of movies(Romance,Teen,)must really watch this...............

Khyati S (de) wrote: Another French Director's impeccable work. A traditional and and a war-raved city has hearts and emotions living in it & that is beautifully portrayed. It losses the grip towards the end, but you would wait impatiently to know the end, which is remarkable.

Leigh T (au) wrote: love this movie. great photography. compared to its "mumblecore" contemporaries, i think the look and the hues really set it apart. keegan dewitt's score is fantastic as is cris lankenau who plays charlie.

Michael S (ru) wrote: Simply a well done, heart-warming tale about what's really important in life.

Chad S (mx) wrote: in one word..... BORING!

Phi N (es) wrote: The supernatural powers ruined this movie...

Benjamin M (es) wrote: Must be seen to be believed. John Woo Meets Un Chien Andalou.

David B (jp) wrote: Killer newer western

Jesse F (nl) wrote: Another slasher that gets criticism it doesn't deserve. Probably the best film in the horror genre of the 21st century.

Losang S (au) wrote: i would see this just for keanu reeves. this movie doesn't look like my type of film though.

Barry H (it) wrote: Best movie Kurt Russell ever did Kelly McGillis expreiance Shines, Movies worth watching Twice

jon m (de) wrote: I was hoping for the movie to show monsters and/or the killer alot but none it happened.

Greg W (br) wrote: dubbed period piece/chop soky actioner

Steve E (us) wrote: This is a very dark film, not dark as meaning evil, although there is some of that, I mean the lighting. It's dimly lit, and there is a lethargic feeling I got from watching it, it drags on quite a bit. The only interesting elements are the slow-motion murder scene at the beginning, and the mysterious painting. The characters are bland, save for Hill but even him is boring in this film. The lighting is so depressing that I can't give this film even half a star. It's a shame considering it was shot on one of the islands near Venice. What could have been a classy giallo turned out as a very depressing and yawning film. My rating is no stars.

Thomas M (gb) wrote: Lots of charm and fairly entertaining, but so light that it's hard to imagine this being something you'll ever come back to unless nostalgia or a past connection give it some extra personal value.Hawks' direction and the hugely competent leads give it a bit more credibility than most other examples of this type fare, though that only goes so far in making it worth more than a light once-over.[Dec 2010]

Manuel A (it) wrote: Michelle Pfeiffer is fantastic. Just a bit too long

Jordan K (mx) wrote: Big Daddy is one of Sandler's better comedies and one of the last films of his to be in at least decent quality, it's fun but has a little bit of an overly cutesy feel. Sonny Koufax finds a 6 year old on his doorstep (literally) and cannot find a foster family to give him to. Thus, Sonny's lazy days are over becoming a temporary father, learning that it's a lot of work but fun comes along the way, avoiding the foster home as much as he can and regretting his past decisions.Big Daddy depends on its cutesy scenes of a young Sprouse twin and its chemistry with Sandler, which works decently but feels a bit forced: There's not much comedy from a Sandler film but what it does attempt at comedy is boring scenes featuring Sandler and his friends chatting about Julian. Sandler's character isn't much like his others, typically a screaming idiot who redeems himself in the end, that's exactly what Sonny is, though, but the feel isn't right for a Sandler film. Even if they casted a different lead role the film suffers from numerous flaws. The pros include a young Jon Stewart in a small role, Sprouse's character being somewhat likable, and the ending, proving itself to still have a happy ending but not an extremely predictable one. It's not bad but it's not great, often overlooked.