Blind Side

Blind Side

A couple visits Mexico to scout a new location for their furniture manufacturing business and hit a cop with their car on the way back stateside. Realizing that if they report it they could land in a Mexican jail (guilty until proven innocent) they clean up the car and return home. A few days later an insistent man shows up wanting a job and insinuating that he saw something in Mexico that he would not want to report, and the couple must make a decision about how far they will allow themselves to be blackmailed. Written by Ed Sutton

A couple visits Mexico to scout a new location for their furniture manufacturing business and hit a cop with their car on the way back stateside. Realizing that if they report it they could... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Milutin S (br) wrote: By far the best comedy of the year.

Robert S (au) wrote: A smart conceit connecting filmmaking, love, and the gaining of wisdom, through loss, is played out with California optimism and sunlight. JAKE SQUARED is a thoroughly enjoyable romp through one man's subconscious. Over the course of the film-taking place in the film within the film- Jake literally confronts, his former selves; not as ghosts or visions, but as flesh and blood beings. Each self brings with him his own resentments as to why Jake did x or failed to do y.Of course, the failures had to do with finding and losing beautiful lovers who would have been perfect for him at that time. His earlier selves, at 20, 30 and 40, are played/dressed to fit their their time, are all quite good, as are the women, Jake lacked the courage or maturity to love.In the end, all the selves eventually reconcile with various selves over the difficulties of finding lasting or true love. Most helped along by the appearance of the woman in question at the time.At times, the film is facile, staying on the surface, and other time silly (in the best sense of the word). It is also surprising touching, if you allow yourself to consider honestly all the loves you let slip through your hands and pass through your heart.I recommend the film as a balm for times when you feel wistful or nostalgic. In its sincerity, JAKE SQUARED offers the same bittersweet pleasure felt reading through all the love letters you've kept, from all the lovers you've known, over the course of your life.

Ron Z (it) wrote: It appears to not show any form of movie message, which all movies should show - all it shows is a sequence of inappropriate acts without anywhere near showing what sort of message to send to the audience.

Avtar R (us) wrote: Great stuff. Good movie. I think pretty much everyone can relate to this one in some way or the other. =)

Tim H (it) wrote: Bizarre killer puppets

Pete G (us) wrote: Good action/comedy film with an easy but fun storyline

Lanky Man P (fr) wrote: So this is about a mad scientist that tried bringing his dead girlfriend back by getting body parts from hookers. How awesome! Win!

Chris (ag) wrote: I grew up a ski racer. Hot dogging was just part of the gig. My brother and I watched this movie before every ski season. It was a right of passage. Frankly the story was week and the acting was bad but damnit it had plenty of gratuitous sex and ski scenes. "Whata in the fuka is a Chinese downhill" is still one of the funniest lines in any movie I have ever seen. :O)

Dave A (au) wrote: The best parts of this movie would be Lionel Atwill's over-the-top evil performance and the fairly clever method he uses. There is some genuine abuse of animals which is a little tough for the modern viewer so be forewarned.

Vince R (gb) wrote: If your a fan of Horror Anthologies (Tales from the Crypt, Creepshow, Masters of Horror) and especially the works of John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper, you'll probably like this, what's even cooler is that Carpenter himself plays as the 'Host' for the segments as a creepy morgue worker!

Kyle M (it) wrote: Rob Reiner's seeming faithful adaptation is his version of "Little Manhattan" in reverse situation on young love with the same good-natured look on the topic. (B+)(Full review coming soon)