A drama centered on a soccer referee whose reputation is threatened by his controversial decisions.

A drama centered on a soccer referee whose reputation is threatened by his controversial decisions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russell S (ag) wrote: A great premise and Yul Bryner is perfectly cast here. In reality Westworld would be a health and safety nightmare but as long as you don't analyze it too much this is a very entertaining movie.

Lance B (br) wrote: This movie was awful. Anyone who thinks most gay men act like this will love this film. The men are all as shallow as the lake they swim in is deep. I know gay films need not be political, but this one is and congratulations on giving people who hate gay people a great big screen to see their "suspicions" realized. Awful.

Tammi C (jp) wrote: I love me some KC!!!! And I am not talking chicken !!

Abhishek M (us) wrote: A good attempt to show what true buffoons look like , however the global situation I wouldn't recommend this movie at this point of time in our lives. Such movies only go on to add the mindset of non muslims

Fay P (au) wrote: i dont care if any super reviewer or anyone says it's shit, they obviously have terrible taste and must like the shitty horror films they can't make like scary movie.This suspense makes my strong stomach jump, startled, leaped out of how amazing the fright the fact you try in real life to get a job as a babysitter, this one can show the best example how it can be wrong if the family are either evil or just psychopaths like this film shows a prime but not exactly 100% primitive but how it shows the fright, scare and blood since like Halloween maybe?I recommend watching this film but IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH i say pass.People who dislike this movie will like gnaw.

Surajit Kumar M (mx) wrote: Nice young love story. The guy and gal bother are cute and make a lovely pair on screen. Totally watchable.

Karlos V (ca) wrote: Me encanta este tipo de cine. Muy buena en mi concepto

Bengel W (mx) wrote: American TV movie dribble that was not worth the effort of making so do not bother watching. Dizzy empty headed stupid American women that spew there waste across the world instead of doing the right thing. Nibbles: Get drunk or move to the next movie.

Sumanjit R (au) wrote: Liked the movie, Ashton Kutcher didn't impress me but Brittany Murphy was good. It's pretty fun sometimes but mostly lame and predictable plot.

Casey S (au) wrote: [color=darkorchid]Alright, so another day, another 5 movies. Amanda, one thing you need to understand about my ratings is that I rate so many movies at once, that some of the films might not get the rating that they deserve. Be it a good or bad rating. For example, if I had rated Finding Neverland by itself, it probably would have gotten a 7 or better. So just please keep that in mind. Now, moving on to the good stuff.[/color][color=#9932cc][/color] [color=#9932cc][/color] [color=darkorange][b][u]DEEP IN THE GAME-[/u][/b] Is crap. I give it a 1 and not a 0 just for the simple fact that it is a movie, and I don't know how it could be rated a 0. But it sucked ASS. Pardon my Spanish there. Anyway, it sucked, never watch it unless you want to waste part of your life. It's about some thugs who someone they know is killed and so they kill them or some crap like that. But it is independent and it sucks ASS.[/color][color=#ff8c00][/color] [color=#ff8c00][/color] [color=seagreen][b][u]TROIS-[/u][/b] Another movie that sucks ASS. It deserves at least a 2 or maybe even a 3 next to Deep in the Game. Because it has much better acting. Much better picture, and people you actually know. But I gave it a 1 because it sucks and I didn't like it one bit. Moving on now.[/color][color=#2e8b57][/color] [color=#2e8b57][/color] [color=deepskyblue][b][u]THE AVIATOR-[/u][/b] I had to pick the color "deep sky blue" to write this one. Get it? The Aviator, "deep SKY blue"? Put it together. Anyway, enough sissy crap. I gave this one a 10. I wonder if I would have rated it different if I had not seen it in the theatre? I may have given it an 8 or a 9. Anyway, this is a spectacular performance by Leonardo DeCaprio especially, and also by Kate Blanchette. They did wonderful. I like how interesting the film was. It really had many aspects to it. It was plenty long too. I always like a movie like that, you know, your like "this thing isn't over yet, awesome". Those are always nice. It had many different things in it, like drama, humor, laughter, (same thing huh). Fear, and many other feelings and emotions, (again with the same thing). Anyway, this one gets a 10. Especially compared to the other ones on this list.[/color][color=#00bfff][/color] [color=#00bfff][/color] [color=green][b][u]SHE HATE ME-[/u][/b] This one gets a nasty baby diarea green color. This one sucks too. But not as bad as the first 2. This one seemed like it was 2 different movies. I almost want you to watch it so you see what I mean about that. It had like 2 different plots, 2 different casts even almost. Anyway, it gets a 3 for being somewhat intersting, but stupid at the same time.[/color][color=#008000][/color] [color=#008000][/color] [color=wheat][b][u]LEVELLAND-[/u][/b] This one gets a nice neutral color. Now, this one from what I could tell is also an independent film. But with very good acting and a very good story plot. It's about these skaters who are in High School. It starts towards the end of the High School year, into summer and then back into the beginning of a new High School year. I recommend watching this movie. It is pretty good. That is why I give it a 6. [/color][color=#f5deb3][/color] [color=#f5deb3][/color] [color=yellow]Alright, that is it for today. It's just about time for me to go home. I will rate some more movies tomorrow hopefully. See you all later.[/color][color=#ffff00][/color] [color=#ffff00]Dacaso[/color]

Paul N (de) wrote: This film is fantastically weird. It's seems at first to be about pets but actually it's all about people.

Benjamin N (kr) wrote: A rock solid film, pardon the pun

Grant B (mx) wrote: Crappy movie starring near-stars from reality shows. JUST bad enough to be enjoyable.

Christopher B (us) wrote: Sooo bad it gooood. Arnie is young, massive and sometimes hard to understand. Screw the dubbed version, see this one for a bit of C-grade fun...& an epic battle with an escaped bear. Hilarious stuff.

Art S (fr) wrote: Set in the early 18th century (Edo era), Kobayashi's taut and elegant tragedy tells of a conflict between a vassal samurai (Toshiro Mifune) and his lord (and the institutional bureaucracy around that lord). It is a tale of injustice met with resistance, showing that resistance is empowering. The plot is carefully laid out: a member of the lord's escort (Mifune) seeks a bride for his eldest son and the lord, dissatisfied with his key mistress (who has borne him a second son), decides that Mifune's son must marry his mistress (a punishment for her). Mifune attempts to refuse but his son yields. Later, when the lord's eldest son dies of illness, the lord wishes to recall his former mistress (mother of his heir) who is now happily married to Mifune's son. This is the final straw for Mifune who has lived in a loveless marriage himself and sees that his son has found the familial joy that was denied to him. Samurai rebellion! Kobayashi uses the widescreen to maximum advantage, trapping the characters in geometric designs formed from the formal structures and settings of old Japan. The black and white images are carefully balanced (or imbalanced) for a special sort of pictorial pleasure. Yet the film feels sparse and the tension builds gradually but ever so distinctly, as with the turn of a screw, until final violence breaks out in true chambara style (there is a subplot featuring Mifune's friendship with Tatsuya Nakadai that allows a final duel, necessary for the genre). The ending is realistically downbeat - can the powerless ever really overcome the forces against them? But Mifune's efforts are heralded; he never felt so alive as when fighting for justice. A classic with a deeper resonance/relevance.

Antonius B (au) wrote: This movie is to Hitchcock as Roger Moore is to 007 - amusing, polished, and a little playful - but not enough grit, at least for me. Hitchcock couldn't have picked a more beautiful location - the scenery on the French Riviera is absolutely gorgeous, and he gives us so much of it that it's the best thing about the film. The "wrong man" premise in this case is flimsy - a former cat burglar (Cary Grant) is suspected of being behind a new spate of robberies, and instead of just providing an alibi, he takes it on himself to run from the police and attempt to catch the new cat burglar himself. Sparks fly when he meets a young American woman (Grace Kelly), and while the pair are so cool and sophisticated it hardly seems passionate, Hitchcock goes ridiculously over the top in splicing in footage of fireworks spewing wildly upwards as the pair make out in one scene. My favorite character was neither Grant nor Kelly, but the plucky young French girl (Brigitte Auber) who wants to run off with Grant, quipping "Why do you want to buy an old car if you can get a new one cheaper? It will run better and last longer" while lounging on a swimming platform. Now -she's- sexy, but I digress. The movie is just too soft - there's no edge, and no real tension - either in the drama around who has been committing the robberies, or in the romance between Grant and Kelly. Hitch takes us on a few car chases, one of which hugs the precipitous cliffs, but we never really feel danger. It's certainly watchable for the eye candy scenery though.

Adam R (jp) wrote: I've noticed more and more that low budget crime thrillers of the '30s and '40s made obviously middle-aged actors into high school students. This was a major obstacle to my suspension of disbelief, in a film that shouldn't have required it. Evidently released as a "parent propaganda" film. Hopefully no real parents identify with the wacked out, cartoonish lushes that pass for legal guardians here.

Kurt B (jp) wrote: Been there, done that.

Derrick M (br) wrote: Michael Kane plays an English version of 'Gran Torino' with some vicious class. Excellent!

Drew R (kr) wrote: Underrated as hell. Beautiful animation, catchy songs, and a strong princess.