Blonde Ice

Blonde Ice

A golddigging femme fatale leaves a trail of men behind her, rich and poor, alive and dead.

A society reporter keeps herself in the headlines by marrying a series of wealthy men, all of whom die under mysterious circumstances. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blonde Ice torrent reviews

Jordon J (ag) wrote: A low budget straight to dvd piece of junk just don't bother with it,SKIP IT!!!

Dave R (kr) wrote: Well it was a pretty sick messed up twisted movie gore fest fake looking gore but still it was alright

Wouter V (de) wrote: Builds up suspense the entire movie, only to lead to nothing.

Armando B (nl) wrote: This was the stupidest and worthless piece of movie that I have seen. Everything is a mess in this film. If you could get past the storyline and could stomach the twisted events, then you had to get past the acting and quality. It look like someone was doing a bad promo with a home video camera. Just pure waste of time. So for this being one of the worst movies that I have seen and wish I couldn't never seen it, I give this movie an F.

Samantha L (es) wrote: I don't believe that I've ever seen a film that more accurately captures the experience of the young, modern, urban Black Americans.

Hugues A (gb) wrote: Un cinema rare de nos jours tant les scenariso et constructions sont accademiques. La, on retrouve des idees decalees, de la provocation, de lhumour ... et c'est bon. Malheureusement le script cede a qques gags un peu trop faciles, mais l'ensemble rachete largement ces petites faiblesses

Omar L (au) wrote: When you're watching characters that can't help but make you feel superior to them, you really don't care if they win the big game, or earn Dad's approval, or keep your girlfriend's trust. The story becomes a showcase of an entire culture that takes pride in its idiocy, and it hurts to watch knowing that it's real. I have little respect for a culture that values high school football more than literacy. I have little respect for movies that try to defend that culture as well. At least that whipped cream bikini was hot.

Justin and Denise S (kr) wrote: Had low expectations based on the reviews here but ended up enjoying it quite a bit. Outdated technology but still enjoyable.

Jonathan B (es) wrote: All I can say is that if this is anything to go by, then the Spanish sense of humour is very different to mine. There are some great performances in the film, in fact, the whole cast (lead by Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem) are very good but my, is this an odd film. It's a bizarre tale of sex, jealousy and pork that I think has a potentially good, if twisted plot hidden in there. Sadly, this just doesn't shine through and many of the scenes are jarring and unnatural. The convoluted plot of the love triangles that exist between two families, one wealthy, one poor has some very dark and twisted moments and some that are completely unexplored. I can't, for example, for the life of me fathom why Bardem and his best friend feel it necessary to go an fight a bull naked in the middle of the night. It's a scene that just seems plonked in the middle oft he action with no real consequence. Maybe I'm missing the point but I'm afraid Jamn Jamn didn't really do much for me and certainly didn't make me laugh enough.

David F (jp) wrote: It is stylish, but its certainly no Hitchcock here. The script is tacky, but taunt enough to keep you going. I want to know why is the FBI following this crime and not the SF police? Glen Ford is good, but sure has to say some stupid lines. I agree the Mancini score is great, especially his song in the opening credits. Nice work by a young Stephanie Powers in the smaller part. Remick is good too, and looks gorgeous.

Beaver D (kr) wrote: This storyline is so full of holes its leaking like a sieve.

Don C (au) wrote: Ya know why I watch movies with low ratings? Because the ratings are just some peoples' opinions. Give it half an hour, and see if you don't think it's got something. If you give it some attention this movie's surreal undercurrent will affect you. I admit - it's true, it's got it's share of cliches, and would have been much better without them The characters are pretty decent, and played pretty well. They dead-pan the way they overlook the real danger (the aliens), and it reminds me of the way our real-life foreign-policy "experts" miss the forest for the trees. Special effects are nothing new, but these aliens are really a cut above anything since the original Alien, IMHO, because the concept is thoughtful and imaginative. Don't let the bad reviews stop you from watching this movie.