Blondie Goes Latin

Blondie Goes Latin

The 8th film in the Blondie series - Blondie Goes Latin. Mr. Dithers invites the Bumstead's on a South American cruise. Somehow Dagwood winds up as the female drummer in the ship's band, while Penny Singleton gets to show off her Broadway background in some lively musical numbers.

Dagwood disguises himself as a drummer in the ship's conga band to sneak aboard a South American cruise ship. Blondie performs several song-and-dance routines. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hector C (kr) wrote: nda mal en animacion pero falto algo

Tish (us) wrote: CUte movie.. with the usual drama stuff

Jeff R (jp) wrote: What a sad way to end John Candy's career with his death in March 1994 it seemed like the audience back then was too sad to enjoy it and that would explain for it's disasterous box office failure. It took me a couple of viewings and I finally saw it, Recently I tried to watch it again but I didn't have it in me. You could tell in some scenes he looked miserable and he did look sick and for the producers who claim that Candy finished the film! THINK AGAIN! I noticed a couple of scenes where there was indeed a Double and not really John, here are some examples: 1. The scene where it's snowing Richard Lewis and Robert Picardo see Candy leaving it is not him it's his stand-in who appears to be thin. 2. there was a scene in the bar near the end of the film when the bartender and a customer are talking about the U.S. Army going after the wagon train, you can see Candy pouring his whiskey on a table that was a re-used clip (but when the whiskey bottle hit the table it was not Candy doing that) from the scene in the beginning where Candy explains that he wants the job as wagonmaster. In my opinion they should have just abandoned the film, did the film crew think we were stupid that we weren't going to notice these changes? There were a few funny scenes but it didn't help but to look away in misery.

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