Blood and Concrete

Blood and Concrete

A dimwitted thug encounters a strung-out, suicidal young woman and an unlikely relationship develops as they work together to make a break for new horizons.

A car thief and a punk rocker fall in love as they become embroiled in deaths attributed to an aphrodisiac. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lala B (ru) wrote: Worthy boring bollocks. No ta.

Private U (nl) wrote: I fell asleep half way through.

Frank I (it) wrote: Not remotely as good as swingers. The entire film seems to center on how annoying Vaughn's character can be.

Kenneth L (fr) wrote: This was the second film by Alexander Payne, after the funny but broad Citizen Ruth and before the incredible run of About Schmidt, Sideways, The Descendants, and Nebraska. It's funnier and more focused than his first film, but not quite as memorable or poignant as the next four he would go on to make. It's a nice twist on the typical high-school movie in that we see things from the perspective of an adult (Matthew Broderick) rather than one of the students. The film focuses on the conflict between Broderick's character, a teacher, and Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon), an extremely aggressive and ambitious student dead-set on becoming student council president. The initially calm and respectable teacher, driven by his annoyance at the student, sets out to sabotage her campaign, with humorously disastrous results. All of the performances here are sharp, especially Witherspoon. You can kind of sympathize with the teacher, but at a certain point you start to realize just what a schmuck he's being. The movie's social commentary perhaps isn't as pointed as it might have been, but that's ok. It's still a very smart and enjoyable little movie.

Amanda W (de) wrote: With a lovable protagonist, witty lines, catchy songs, and resonant political themes, Hairspray can't go wrong. It's just plain *fun.*

Matt G (mx) wrote: How can a doc made 40 years ago, focused on a topic that happened 70 years ago yet has remained ubiquitous, be so eye opening? While watching, I kept ponging between "most tedious film experience ever" to "masterpiece of journalistic immersion". By the end, I realized, for a 9+ hour film of talking and long takes of scenery, its palpable emotions make it fly by (relatively) quickly. Its refusal to be pompously or glorifying is stunning, ultimately making it a singularly great film I'll never watch again.

Apostolos M (mx) wrote: Alan Arkin is great here. The movie is realistic in the absurdity of what the actors experience.

Carlo R (jp) wrote: No voy a negar que el trabajo de Tarkovski realmente me atrae y es en todos los sentidos bello. Tampoco voy a negar que su cine es muy largo y lento. Pero esta vez... esta vez creo que mi estimado Andrei s se excedi en duracin (3hrs 25 min?!).Y bueno, en este caso, creo que me ser conveniente resaltar algunos aspectos que me agradaron de la pelcula y tambin los que me disgustaron.Puntos a favor:- La pelcula contiene unos profundos y reflexivos dilogos que definitivamente hacen pensar al espectador.- Este es el filme de Tarkovski que ms lleva a la meditacin y a la conciencia social.- Andrei Rublev presenta una, tal vez no increblemente hermosa o impresionante, pero s muy slida y tcnicamente destacable fotografa.Puntos en contra:- Si se supona que mediante este filme podra aprender bastante sobre la vida de Andrei Rublev, la verdad es que en ese sentido falla, dejando su historia de lado en varias ocasiones.- Puede resultar difcil de ver debido a su extensa duracin.- Hay tantos personajes con barba y tan parecidos fsicamente que terminas confundindolos.- Con tantos plano secuencias, poca accin y el blanco y negro, corres el riesgo de perder el inters por la pelcula.Como podrn ver, los puntos malos son ms y pesan a la hora de presenciar esta cinta. Muchos dirn que histricamente hablando es uno de los filmes ms importantes en Rusia y a nivel mundial, y eso no lo pongo en duda, pero la verdad es que es una pelcula poco disfrutable.En ocasiones, al ver un cinta por segunda vez, nuestra reaccin y manera de responder hacia esa pelcula cambia; espero que este sea el caso y que las actividades que tena por hacer el da que v la pelcula, hayan influido en mi crtica. Mientras tanto, no puedo decir que este es uno de los mejores filmes que he visto.

rick p (kr) wrote: not one of his better movies, kind of slow

Russell G (de) wrote: Sure it has a by the numbers plot, and yeah you know exactly where each twist turns. Then the Conga number happens, and your mind is so completely blown by the energy and imagery that you can't quite believe your eyes and your lost for the next hour. Amazing film. Current teen idols can go fuck themselves, they have no idea what "talent" means.