Blood Devils

Blood Devils

A mad scientist creates a monster, but after its head is cut off, he keeps it alive in a serum he has invented.

A mad scientist creates a monster, but after its head is cut off, he keeps it alive in a serum he has invented. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tammy S (it) wrote: This movie brings back a favorite memory. We were having a big family gathering and this movie was on. Cammy was 2 my grandma was 82 and every age in between were sitting there laughing at this movie. I thought to myself howmany movies could claim that.

Melissa N (ru) wrote: great western about how the gang got started. also great acting and a story that keeps you engrossed all the way through.

Ashley S (fr) wrote: a half decent attempt at a film, was a bit disinterested if i am honest a 6/10.

Hannah M (fr) wrote: There is, unfortunately, not a lot in this comedy that's funny. Gene Wilder is a hilarious actor and can make most things funny just by saying them, but Donald Sutherland never seemed to quite catch up. Most of the gags went on far too long and weren't that funny to begin with, and all the possible humor that could be taken from the setup didn't even really come into play until the end. They were too busy making sexual jokes about the queen to really make any of the humor stick. Too bad... I was hoping I would enjoy this much more.

Lee M (ag) wrote: Cheap throw-away culture is often most acutely attuned to the pulse of the time, and this fascinating visually-dazzling allegory encompasses all the then-current social hang-ups, from dysfunctional teenage hoodlums, through beatnik art-weirdness into chilling state suppression of sinister nuclear secrets.

Vessela D (fr) wrote: The movie was nothing special, but it was great to see Josh Holloway... Still, I prefer him much more as Sawyer in LOST...;)

Juan Diego L (jp) wrote: Me gusta mucho que hayan hecho una pelcula muda en el 2011, a pesar de que sea muda, no es aburrida, la historia me entretuvo y las actuaciones son buenas y el final me gust mucho.

Danielle L (de) wrote: At first you would think this has to be boring, but I absolutely loved it! It had some of my favorite actors in it. It had a good idea, good warming moments. The only thing I didn't like in this movie was Owen Wilsons character, could he really do that to his wife? wow.

Brandon G (de) wrote: richard pryor, george carlin,garrett morris,darrow igus. that is at the time two top stand-ups. then garrett from s.n.l. and darrow (my favorite) from fridays.