Blood for Dracula

Blood for Dracula

Deathly ill Count Dracula and his slimy underling, Anton, travel to Italy in search of a virgin's blood. They're welcomed at the crumbling estate of indebted Marchese Di Fiore, who's desperate to marry off his daughters to rich suitors. But there, instead of pure women, the count encounters incestuous lesbians with vile blood and Marxist manservant Mario, who's suspicious of the aristocratic Dracula.

Udo Kier is without a doubt the sickliest of vampires in any director's interpretation of the Bram Stoker tale. Count Dracula knows that if he fails to drink a required amount of pure ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stu T (kr) wrote: Pretty poor. Lots of attractive ladies with little to no clothing and a fairly lame plot. Watch if you have nothing better to do. Ladies, steer clear.

Michael W (br) wrote: Short, sweet, and silly. God of Love is 18 minutes worth having.

Keiichi M (fr) wrote: Amazing Movie, a must see

David Ray G (ag) wrote: This is by far one of the most bizarre and unusual indie projects I have seen in quite a while. It reminded me something between two other films: "Magnus" and "Tarnation." It's an experimental film that bases its beauty in the amazing cinematography and screenplay, rather than the script or performances -not that those are any less wonderful. Malcolm Stumpf, the 13-year-old leading actor, does an amazing job as the confused, apparently-homosexual, detached young boy and Fairuza Balk does an equally excellent job as the cruel, yet loving mother.Something among a coming-of-age timeline, a dramatic love story and a wannabe masterpiece. Contains many scenes and quotations that stick to the mind, but unfortunately, their will to turn an nonexistent storyline to a 5-star movie fails miserably.

Kyle G (es) wrote: Not as funny as i had hoped.

Rachel S (mx) wrote: love the movie andthe manga version :)

JeanPhilippe G (it) wrote: A disappointing and unfunny follow-up to it's predecessor, Analyze That is boosted by the performances of Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal, but it falls flat on delivering on the promise that the original had already set up, even if there is a few laughs here and there sparkled through out.

Sally A (gb) wrote: Excellent! Creepy and spine-tingling. Violent but never gory. This film relies on suspense and story over scares. And the ending was not quite what I expected. High brow horror.

naufal k (fr) wrote: A decent action flick with a great performance by malkovich and steve buscemi but Con Air suffers from a cliched ending

Vikram T (kr) wrote: it wasnt funny. trust me. i didnt find this movie funny...

Allan C (es) wrote: Certainly not a great crime film, but I've always liked this remake of "High Sierra." It's mostly Jack Palance's performance in the Bogart role as "Mad Dog" Roy Earl that I love. The supporting cast is merely passable, with the exception of Lee Marvin as one of the young punks. You do also get to see Perry Lopez, Dennis Hopper and Dub Taylor in tiny bit parts, but they're not there long enough to really make a difference. But Shelley Winters is the one star in this film, who I've always been baffled by how many staring roles she got. She seems like the old Hollywood equivalent of Juliette Lewis, giving oddball performances where I'm never sure if she's giving a great performance that was the intention of the filmmakers or if she's just going off on her own doing something totally bizarre. In any case, I've always like the crime elements of this film and Palance's tough performance, even if the film is somewhat undone by distracting and unnecessary melodrama involving a young girl with a club foot and Palance and Winter's relationship.

Bram T (it) wrote: This is the best movie of the 21st century. Kevin James deserved an Oscar for best fupa. The segway also was the best inanimate object in a movie since Wilson the volleyball from Castaway since being able to handle all that weight is quite an achievement. 10/10 golden movie stars