Blood Mania

Blood Mania

A sex-crazed nympho helps speed along her father's death so she can use the inheritance to help out her depraved boyfriend.

A sex-crazed nympho helps speed along her father's death so she can use the inheritance to help out her depraved boyfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy P (kr) wrote: Deliciously provocative, bitingly funny and delightfully well played by its two splendid leads, Venus in Fur is sublime.

Ken S (de) wrote: I think this was pretty decent. It rushes through the origin story, which both helps and hinders the film. On the plus side it gets it over with so we can get to the plot and just watch an actual movie...but it causes you to stretch your imagination just a how Hal is suddenly better than almost all the other Lanterns...they haven't quite figured it out despite doing it long before him? Those complaints aside I did enjoy this, and it really explained not only the origin but the whole mythology behind Green Lantern exceptionally well. Structure wise it doesn't really work, but with a strong villain and how it gets you to understand the really complicated back-story of this really has its merits. If you've never seen any Lantern stuff before (I have really only read some things about him), then this film clears up plenty of questions without dragging on.

Violetlily2301 V (ru) wrote: tgk la citer!!

Bruno V (br) wrote: Good looking girl kills people in a cool way , and Dr. Abbott plays a good part ( like his acting-stuff sins i've seen Prison Break ) . SOMDVD

Jon F (gb) wrote: an amazingly beautiful love story from japan

Jayy D (de) wrote: Wanda!!!!!!!Nicki zzzzm

Mathias A (kr) wrote: En film om kamratskap, krlek och dess problem. Faktiskt en bra film.(A movie about friendship, Love and problems. Great movie.)

fairy p (ag) wrote: Quite a different movie from Spike Lee

Michael W (ag) wrote: A couple is transported into an alternate dimension by a scientist, one ruled by the evil warlord John Saxon. Some may find camp value here, although the comic relief is off the mark. Kay Lenz is good but Saxon is not up to his usual standards of excellence.

Justin C (gb) wrote: Dure critique de la nature humaine. Du Dogville en mieux!

Greg W (us) wrote: Starts off looking like a real corker but winds up looking as stale as month old bread.

Eric R (kr) wrote: A decent film about revenge and the produce market. Yea, I know... The problem I had with this film is I never felt that connected to the story. This was the last film Dassin directed before being exiled from the U.S. and quite frankly I think his better work came after he left the U.S. Its a fine disposable revenge/noir but I was just hoping for more.

Seth v (ru) wrote: Well produced, good acting, all thrown away in plot without a capability to pay off at the end. All stakes are imaginary and there is no reason to be invested in any character. Thought experiments are a fantastic tool in real life, but making a movie that is ostensibly nothing other than watching people have a thought experiment provides nothing more than an etch-a-sketch deus-ex situation.

scott j (jp) wrote: I was very skeptical when I heard there was a second film made and unfortunately I was 100% right to be.a very poor attempt at following on from the fantastic first film..story is pretty boring the acting is terrible and unfortunately the movie wasn't very good at all...disappointed as the first film was so good but losing Tucker,Tate and a few others characters was always going to be a struggle..some things are best left alone and this film proves it.

Anna N (es) wrote: Horror = Not interested.

Scott S (br) wrote: This movie plays like a bloated Avengers spinoff. I really don't understand the hype behind it.