Blood of Dracula's Castle

Blood of Dracula's Castle

Count Dracula and his wife capture beautiful young women and chain them in their dungeon, to be used when they need to satisfy their thirst for blood.

Count Dracula and his wife capture beautiful young women and chain them in their dungeon, to be used when they need to satisfy their thirst for blood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chani p (fr) wrote: I was surprised that this movie had so many high ratings. While it was visually attractive, the story was rather confusing or could have at least been better organized. The acting wasn't bad, but a lot of the plot seemed watered down or like a lot of additional pieces were thrown in without real explanations. Perhaps this is how the original fairy tale goes, but I think it doesn't do it justice. Plus, I found a lot of the special effects to be in bad form or corny looking.

Michael S (de) wrote: It's short films like this that give me hope that original ideas from film students can still get out there to a wide audience. Can't wait to see the feature.

Drew S (es) wrote: This is twice the movie that pussy Almost Famous shit wishes it could be, and with an infinitesimally lower budget, mind you. Ladies and Gentlemen is pissed off and mostly shitty, just like its heroine and her excitingly awful band - which by the way is the point! Of course Diane Lane can't sing! She's supposed to be horrible, a single good stylistic choice perverted by the media and oversimplified groupthink to the point where she actually SEEMS good to the public. Despite her rage and her insistence otherwise, Corinne is a gimmick. Though she's young and naive and bound to eventually fail, she doesn't take shit from anyone, which makes her plummet all the harder to watch. The catalyst for The Stains' destruction may be a little difficult to believe, but if you view it as a pseudo-allegorical choice, meant to get out its message about fickle fans and empty hype, then it starts making more sense. Surprisingly eloquent for its pedigree, subject matter and length, Ladies and Gentlemen is necessary cult viewing. If you can get past the fact that the movie isn't very well made technically, riddled with performances far less convincing than Lane's, it is a surprisingly honest indictment of all of the fringe that surrounds something as pure and emotionally charged as music. We've taken something meant as expression, the movie might say, and turned it into a capitalist media-subservient bitch.

J D (it) wrote: To quote Donald Rumsfeld: "You fight with the army you have, not the army you wish you had." That pretty much sums up "Pork Chop Hill", an effective war movie chronicling the taking of the hill during the Korean War. Very frustrating to watch as Gregory Peck and his soldiers have to deal with bad communication, not enough troops, and the fact that they could very well be the last ones to die as the U.S. and China negotiate for a truce. Some great young talent of the day pop up, including Martin Landau, Robert Blake, and Harry Dean Stanton (and Norman Fell. I saw that Rip Torn and Gavin MacLeod were in it as well, but I didn't recognize them in the movie). One of the better war movies of its time with some memorable images, such as soldiers slowly ascending the hill as the Chinese play "Taps" over loudspeakers.

Rick M (jp) wrote: An early Wayne film, very predictible.

Danielle B (kr) wrote: I REALLY enjoyed Andr (C) Benjamin's performance.