Blood of the Beast

Blood of the Beast

In the year 2012, the 3rd great war comes to an end. The war claims no victors, but both sides succeed in executing their chemical warfare campaigns. The result is over 3 billion deaths. Over ninety-eight percent of the male survivors are rendered sterile. Human reproduction is realized by means of cloning. The first strand of clones are harvested in December of 2012 and received with overwhelming success. It was not until nineteen years later that the first problems arose.

In the year 2012, the 3rd great war comes to an end. The war claims no victors, but both sides succeed in executing their chemical warfare campaigns. The result is over 3 billion deaths. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent L (mx) wrote: Not a lot of laughs although there probably could have been with this story.

Leonardo Malacay S (fr) wrote: Debemos buscar nuestra navidad perfecta ;)

Stellayy L (br) wrote: Don't like how it ends, funny movie though.

Countess N (au) wrote: I hate bullies! Odd Girl Out is the story of Vanessa whose so-called best friends turn on her and make her life a living hell. This movie shows teenage girls just how quickly your friends can turn on you if they get jealous or if the boy they fancy fancies you. I used to be a teenage girl (lol obviously because i am now female and 32),i have a 15 year old daughter and i have previously worked in schools and i found Odd Girl Out to be one of the most realistic movies i have ever seen and to anyone who found this movie OTT or unrealistic then thats great because it means you have never been bullied or humiliated in the way that Vanessa the lead character in this movie was. The acting was superb,each actor played their character well and the movie gets your emotions going,i felt sad,sympathetic,angry and glad whilst watching it and many other emotions that many other dramatic movies fail to stir up in me. The bullies/bitches in this movie were utterly vile,disgusting horrible pathetic gutless creatures. For fans of Speak.

Kristin B (jp) wrote: hooray for blue collar!

Ayden B (ag) wrote: A Fairy tale twisted, or just Tangled?Disney's foray into this fairy tale leaves one word when it comes to the art- beautiful. The attention to the minute details amaze those even inside the world of computer animation. The character development must leave those who prefer other Disney movies (I'm lookin' at you Frozen fans), admitting its superiority. The fact that you want Rapunzel to flourish and grow, and that she does, and as you ache when you find out secrets from the hiding behind the disarming charm, oozing from Flynn and the hatefulness and the greed of those who use others for their own desires.It's no secret that Rapunzel is a classic fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm; a young girl is kept captive in a tower for a greedy witch, Mother Gothel. While the film isn't 100% accurate in it's portrayal of the fairytale, Tangled finds a way to make the sweet moments and fun story line exciting and fresh. Starting with a narrative, voiced by character Flynn Ryder (Chuck's Zachary Levi), as he gives an account as to how he's coming around to telling the story. Rapunzel, (Mandy Moore's first voice over role) is kidnapped as a baby by Mother Gothel (Broadway's Donna Murphy) to ensure that she lives forever youthful due to the magic within Rapunzel's astonishingly long blonde locks. As Rapunzel grows and learns more about the world from her tiny window, opportunity smashes into her life when Flynn Ryder shows up and is manipulated into taking her on her very first adventure outside; leading to learning how to listen to your guts as you make your way in a brave new world, breaking free from isolation, and in classic Disney fashion, finding true love along the way.The character that Rapunzel garners throughout the movie has it's crowning moment when Rapunzel realizes that all the evil in the world she was so afraid of came from the hands of her mother figure. The emotion that the artists captured across her face as the horrifying realization hails back to the animation of the parents, who have no spoken lines throughout the movie, and the courage Rapunzel has when she goes to confront Mother Gothel is the triumphant moment we have all been longing for: standing up for herself against someone who was trusted and love yet who was damaging. The growth from Flynn was a sweet addition to the film, showcasing that people, when given the chance, can be brave, make difficult choices, learn who to trust. The musical numbers throughout the film also portray the growth that all the characters have throughout the film. Who doesn't want to wish for such a fun and exciting portrayal of the classic by Brothers Grimm?

Keith M (de) wrote: not to bad of a movie at all for 1. Kiefer does a very good job and plays off well with his partner. the idea is nothing new but still entertaining. the only down side was the directing. it was really dodgey in some places.

Kevin C (fr) wrote: Movie night with Iris.Not quite as good as the original, but it's charming and fun.

Bill J (it) wrote: Great reason to love Mel Brooks

Bloodmarsh K (fr) wrote: Just another bad creature feature featuring cell phones with no signal.

Brian R (kr) wrote: Apparently, zombie used to refer to any person turned into a mindless automaton via black magic or other mind control techniques. So when a modern-day zombie fan such as myself tunes into one of these old flicks with old school zombies, we are invariably disappointed. I don't want to knock this movie too much because it wasn't Beast of Yucca Flats-bad, but it lacked the atmosphere made some of these older films spooky. There really isn't anything scary here, and the plot was paper thin.

Sanal R (it) wrote: A unique twist on the tired out vampire genre with a well sketched script and great performances from the cast

Nick A (nl) wrote: Hits every beat -- comedic, horror, narrative -- with perfect touch and timing. Among the very best films of 2014.

Matthew A (nl) wrote: There is almost no heart and credibility to this movie as it unfolds. Gerard Butler is a good choice for the title character, but he's unable to get at the heart of Sam Childers. The same is true for the screenwriter, who's script comes off like a rough draft. If there is one highlight to this movie, then it is the atmospheric music. It alludes to the wasted potential of the story. This is a disappointment from the reliable director, Marc Forster.