Blood of the Vampire

Blood of the Vampire

A man and wife are terrorized by Mad Scientist Dr. Callistratus who was executed but has returned to life with a heart transplant. Along with his crippled assistant Carl, the 'anemic' Mad Scientist, believed to be a vampire, conducts blood deficiency research on the inmates of a prison hospital for the criminally insane to sustain his return to life.

A man and wife are terrorized by Mad Scientist Dr. Callistratus who was executed but has returned to life with a heart transplant. Along with his crippled assistant Carl, the 'anemic' Mad ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnson C (ru) wrote: It's a long time since last 5 star movie. No matter you got a dream, no body care, Peter Chan just told you his dream. And the dream of the 80's China. A big story that when idea worth money.

Guilherme E (kr) wrote: Lots of violence in a film with such realistic atmosphere makes anyone quite unpleased considering such young characters, also a couple of unfinished business only a longer film could make for it, there's too much content for its lenght. Even repeating itself quite often in a symbolic way it's not much to say the film is impressive, but not an easy one to digest fast. Any enthusiast of Sono's films will praise the return of old actors and actresses even if as just cameos.

Julie S (de) wrote: Stunning! Awful to watch the damning lose/lose situation the father and son find themselves in yet oddly beautiful too. Didn't have enough tissues in the house for Bichir's heart rendering performance, it felt amazingly real, sadly the son's performance was outshone and made to look pretty shoddy in comparison.

Michael E (ca) wrote: I thought some of Jerry's demands were ahead of their time during Texas Revue prep!

Rikhyashin D (ag) wrote: A must watch movie...One of the best movies in 2010...

jen b (au) wrote: it was interesting!!

Patrick W (nl) wrote: I loved Ryna, the character that is.

Kristy L (ag) wrote: very romantic! but the ending... dont like it.

David W (gb) wrote: Impeccably acted. Hot and heavy in the first act, then briefly interesting in the second act. But just as the situation begins to get really tense and you don't know what each character is going to do next the script makes disasterous decisions that utterly rob it of all its menace, power and emotion

Etienne L (kr) wrote: Great, great, GREAT film from the contemporary master that is Todd Solondz. Sexual deviance, racism, homosexuality and the average middle-class american society are some of the subjects included in this well-written and refreshingly original movie.

Jessica S (ru) wrote: love this movie as a child!

Harvey M (jp) wrote: Great film, a bit vulgar in parts but when have the French not been vulgar. I'd highly recommend it

Stanley C (br) wrote: Along with very creative blueprints of technology, graphic alien designs, weapons, violence, bloody fights and Martian civilization, the elements of surprise and resistance against dystopian illusion of happiness in a rather bleak, devastating planet of death makes Total Recall a sci-fi classic.This film proves that Schwarzenegger can be more of the acting and hardly any of the science fiction as seen back in 1984's The Terminator.

Mary D (mx) wrote: This is some what of an overlooked gem . No doubt it would fare better among critics now that America is aging. Piper Laurie and Jason Robards make real a beautiful adult romance in their few moments together on screen. So much so that terror fills your heart when it appears that they could lose one another forever. Meredith Salenger is convincing as a teen inhabited by an older spirit. The Coreys as a team just do not belong in the movie. Corey Feldman's performance is uneven but not awful - it just doesn't work to switch back and forth from the dominant plot to a sidebar double Corey subplot.

Erik D (au) wrote: This may be the shortest review that I will do.. as I'll bet you haven't seen the show. You can classify it as "one of those weird British shows that Erik watches." But as for the movie itself, was it any good?The movie was a surprisingly funny, hour and a half version of the show. Anyone who has not seen the show, do not even try. You won't have any idea what's happening. Even those of us who have seen it aren't safe. Nothing more to add. You won't understand it anyway ;)

Jessica P (nl) wrote: Super decent Giallo. Speaking generally in comparison to any movie, it had a really chiling plotline, well at least for me it really skeezed me out. Great score too, fyi.

Collier W (mx) wrote: The sting of the switch and the cold water bring a heavy-browed aspect to the moments of humor and grace. Textured and richly felt.

Kas G (kr) wrote: Some tense moments, and some interesting plot. A so-so very 80s thriller. Interesting to see what Hanson got up early on. I really wasn't impressed with the direction - I thought it was pretty flat and uninspired. Goes to show that directors can improve with age.