Blood Shot

Blood Shot

Based on the award winning short film, Blood Shot is the story of a cop named Rip whose life falls apart as he chases a terminator-like vampire, who happens to be a hitman for the CIA. They must join forces to stop a terrorist cell before its too late, battling through obstacles such as a harem, giant eunuch, demon-genie, and even explosive midgets.

A notorious Middle Eastern terrorist (Dourif) is plotting a major attack on the U.S. that includes detonating a powerful nuke in the heart of Los Angeles; the only thing standing in his way is an unlikely duo formed by a mysterious vampire (Bailey Smith) and a rogue cop (Elliott) who reluctantly join forces to thwart his gang of motley terrorists before it';s too late. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sanal R (br) wrote: Fun at parts but loses pace trying to connect with its central plot.

Barry J (jp) wrote: Enlightening and the last onscreen appearance by Ernest.RIP Ernest

Luke C (kr) wrote: "Serious Midnight" is a farewell to the late Adrienne Shelly (who wrote the screenplay and it's the last) and directed by her "Waitress" co-star Cheryl Hines. Meg Ryan plays Louise a successful lawyer who comes home early to her husband Ian (Timothy Hutton) to surprise him only to discover that the house is decorated. Quickly to discover that he decorated the cottage for his girlfriend Sara (Kirsten Bell) for a romantic weekend in Paris and Ian wants a divorce. He purposes the idea to get a divorce, Louise wants to work things out, so she ends up tying him. Just when you thought couldn't get any worse a burglar (played by Justin Long) robs their house and hilarity is suppose to ensue. This definitely isn't better than Shelly's other film Waitress, but there's lot of effort her and I don't blame the performances from Ryan, Hutton, Bell and Long but it's okay. The screenplay isn't funny which is shocking because Shelly is capable of good comedy but it's has positives and it's flaws.The script is okay but entertaining also interesting and the direction by Hines is REALLY bad, but the result it's okay could of been better but I'm fine with what we have, the performances outshine the film. 3/5 stars

Dragonlord T (it) wrote: Bunch of positives, bunch of negatives.My biggest problem with this movie is that none of these characters act like they're from the ancient roman time, they act too modern and doesn't make it feel like a roman movie

Sandra P (ru) wrote: Horrible movie overall, but I couldn't turn it off...but after watching it, I somehow felt happier...

Burcu S (ca) wrote: ben sevdim. karakterler sade abartisiz gercekci ve normal komiklerdi. herhangi bir fazlalik olmamasi gzel olma sebebi. byle filmler yapmaya bir sre devam edebilirler. ben daha cok yaslanana kadar izleyebilirim. diger bagimsiz genclik filmlerinden bagimsiz olarak sevdim bunu.

Thomas A (fr) wrote: A poignant Holocaust-themed drama about a Jewish boy who spent his entire life haunted by survivor's guilt, wondering what had happened to his family. Despite its lack of brutal scenes, "Fugitive Pieces" is replete with poetic narrative of its main character.

Nadine G (ru) wrote: "The best place to woo girls is at weddings. Something happens to girls at weddings. They need a man. Any man." lol But the film is lame

Layla W (ru) wrote: I would really like to rewatch this because I know it is good... I have a lot of fond memories from these days!

Bradley P (ag) wrote: Eating Raoul is funny, smart, and superbly constructed. The film really has a lot to say about american society and capitalism as the title would suggest; it's a dog eat dog world.

Mariah A (fr) wrote: 6/10Full review coming soon

Jens T (mx) wrote: D.W. Griffith's epic Orphans of the Storm is the story about the two Orphans Henriette (Lillian Gish) and Louise Girard (Dorothy Gish) who no matter blood promise to care for each other. But suddenly Louise goes blind, and she and her sister decides to go to Paris in order to cure her blindness. But in Paris the French revolution split them apart. Henriette is chased by lusty aristocrats while Louise is abducted by a gang of low life who wants to take advantage of her beauty. Orphans of the Storm is a great silent film. Specially Lillian Gish's performance is absolutely great with her amazing close-ups of her crying, or as Bette Davis would have said "The bitch invented 'em". It's a film full of emotions and clearly shows us the power of sisterhoods. Thumbs up.

Lovro H (au) wrote: Pretty good but can be boring at some parts if you are not known to the series but otherwise it's a job well done :)

D M (au) wrote: Jon Heder, David Cross, Sarah Silverman, Ben Stiller, Matt Walsh, etc star in this apparent remake. Totally my kind of humor. I cannot believe it took me this long to see a movie with all these people in it. A pushover enters a class on how to assert yourself underhandedly and excels so much the teacher (Billy Bob) targets him. Hilarity ensues.

MF J (ca) wrote: A lovely romantic comedy for adults, shot wonderfully and benefiting of a beautiful cast that has a great alchemy on screen. The composition of the shots, the lighting and the interpretation is fresh, playful and definitely exquisite in every way. A film that will give you confidence about the possibilities of love and meeting amazing and incongruous people when you least expect it. Definitely a great romantic comedy.

Alex H (ag) wrote: 6/5. Even after 15 years, few other films have come close this perfection of action, romance, and tragedy