Blood Stained Shoes

Blood Stained Shoes

This film is set in the 1930s, and starts with a strange murder in a beautiful Jiangnan river delta. At the scene, all that is left is an exquisite pair of embroidered shoes. An innocent seamstress is suspected and put to death, but the bloody murders do not stop..

The film is set in the 1940s, and starts with a strange murder in a beautiful Jiangnan river delta. At the scene, all that is left is an exquisite pair of embroidered shoes. An innocent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus R (jp) wrote: If I only could ban this movie from the face of the earth I would but alas I can't. It's basically every other volcano movie ever made with the same plot of every other volcano movie ever made. Volcano underneath the city of Miami (How original) is going to erupt if nobody does something about it, dangerous illegal oil drilling in the city, steam tsunami.................steam tsunami? How new and how scientifically insulting it is. The graphics were horrible, literally the lava looked not real and the acting was terrible. I need to see "Volcano" and "Dante's Peak" to reassure myself of a better disaster movie.

Jason R (ag) wrote: Those complaining about it being slow probably have ADHD, which is perfectly fine. I found that every second of this film is amazing and there probably is quite a bit of establishing shots, but it further enhances the charm of this movie's plot and settings.

Rendan L (mx) wrote: Fun movie especially since its based of toys. Grade: B-

Michael T (ca) wrote: Slowly-paced and only interesting up to a point.

Jason C (fr) wrote: The least successful of the Herzog/Kinski collaborations (mostly due to Kinski's growing insanity), this film still has some beautiful moments and continues to grow more interesting. The rhythmic movements of the sugar plantation mark some of my favorite moments, no one knows how to use extras to better effect the Herzog.

Ken D (gb) wrote: A pretty strong movie, even though they reused some of the footage from Tarzan and his mate.

Greg W (kr) wrote: strange hybrid part chase movie part crime thriller

Kevin R (nl) wrote: I have still not yet watched the ending so my rating isnt finished

Spencer S (jp) wrote: The entire time I was watching this Disney classic, I was thinking that it could never be remade for a modern audience without PETA taking serious issue. Throughout this film a yellow dog named Old Yeller hangs around with a post-Civil War frontier family. A mother (who seems to have no control over her children), and two young boys battle wildlife constantly. By battling, I of course mean that the children often claim baby animals as their own and are surprised when their full-grown mothers chase after them. The film doesn't teach children to treat animals well. The children in this movie ride the dog, make it herd wild hogs, and let it fight way bigger animals alone. Seriously, there is no way to remake this film unless the entire story is changed. The ending has been made infamous, as it's a heartbreaker for young children. It's not as bad as it could have been, since the next scene has the father telling his son to move on. If you're looking for a good family film, watch almost any other Disney film for best results.

Jenna I (ca) wrote: Felt like a complete rehashing of the first film-down to the same exact fight with the same exact guy as the first film- but with less motivation, less emotion and heavy-handed writing.The first movie felt more sensitive and subtle, focusing on Rocky's sweetness in juxtaposition to his physical strength. While the world is shown to view Rocky only through his weaknesses, by the end of the film you realize that these supposed 'weaknesses' (his honesty, his sweetness, his social awkwardness, his inarticulateness) are not only actually strengths, but they're also his virtues.In comparison, Rocky II feels like the discarded alternative script for the initial movie- as if they wrote it, realized it wasn't clicking and then decided to rewrite it to the Rocky script we know and love. In this movie, Rocky now suddenly has sarcastic one liners and a sort of knowing-wink self-awareness that he originally lacked (in stark contrast to those around him!). They turn Adrian into a flat plot device just to hammer home some drama in case you were bored by Rocky's real-world issues of being unable to get a job and/or his lack of interest in fame and glory in comparison to his domestic satisfaction.But Rocky was never in it for the glory, he just wanted to be taken seriously by his peers. Now that he achieved that after the first film, why not just focus more on his contentment with his newfound self confidence? Or, focus on the unjustness of his real-world issues of not being able to get a job because, despite his boxing achievements, he's still viewed as somehow lesser than the rest of the world. In there lies the more compelling movie- a movie about how those with disabilities and/or lower IQs are unfairly maligned in society. Unfortunately, while Rocky II definitely touches upon this theme, the movie choose the shallow way out by focusing on more contrived plot choices about fame, glory and the sport of boxing, therefore losing what made the original character so compelling.Even the camerawork was bland this time around. PLUS they removed the wah-wah pedal from the theme song therefore de-70s-ing it aka bland-ifying it!!! (This is the worst part!)I did enjoy Apollo's plot this time around, I almost wish they had spent more time on him. But the reason Apollo is so great in Rocky II is because they actually deepen your understanding of his character!Look, in general this wasn't a -bad- film but in comparison to the first it's such a cop-out. If I had just seen this without seeing the first film I might have even thought it was fresh. But as a sequel it adds nothing to the series, and I'd argue it actually takes away from it by adding nothing to the characters/tweaking with them to make them more broadly 'digestible.' If this was television, it would have been a good follow up episode, but as a movie it fell flat for me.

Rosemarie O (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this film