Blood, Sweat & Teeth

Blood, Sweat & Teeth

This film is chock full of high intensity extreme cage fighting and does not stop until the blood, sweat and teeth hit the floor.

This film is chock full of high intensity extreme cage fighting and does not stop until the blood, sweat and teeth hit the floor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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T C (au) wrote: Nice documentary of Nelson Medela's life.

Ole J (de) wrote: This certainly feeds of the hype of Paranormal Activity, it does have some more gore and more jumpiness, but it is still waiting to see what happens and the scary parts are more or less just the same as Paranormal Activity, they have spiced it up some, but for one who is a bit bored with the Paranormal Activity franchise this is not helping.

Emma W (us) wrote: Wow that was eerie. But well done.

Joanof A (de) wrote: recommended by arianeta

Cameron C (ag) wrote: Excellent. This is a lovely picture of life in a provincial city. It is amazing that such a dreary city can be made so visually interesting.


Tom A (gb) wrote: I think it's very funny.

Steve D (mx) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the book but a fun time none the less

Maximus D (es) wrote: This is actually a very decent film. Definatley Pauly Shore's best film

Wes P (de) wrote: Now that's some classic Schtick!

Christopher H (fr) wrote: Anyway you look at it, Hulk Hogan flat out, straight up murders a guy in it...

Don D (us) wrote: My favorite movie. I have seen it over two dozen times. The ending is unforgettable. It shows the lesson that Zapata learned about trusting others to govern us. He starts out ignorant about politics and learns that no one can be trusted with power over others. His final advice to his protege is to self-govern. This is especially relevant in today's world of sheep who yearn for a leader.

Thomas P (de) wrote: All yelling and tears with no resolve. Its bs - painted all southern and 'perty like', but no charm in the least.Great cinematography, but its stained glass windows in a bowling alley. Wasted here.There are several much better movies from any of the big names listed here, but if you take the risk to view this, be warned - instead of phoning it in, they went all Mommy Dearest and it plain sucks. You truly won't believe all the quality names attached to this garbage.Consistent acting with a loud, terrible script.No balance in these bitter, weird characters - humorless throughout and seems staged, especially the big showdown dinner is pointlessly over the top. There was room to layer the characters and give them a human likeability, but this was an angry political debate - both sides hate the worst in the other side and smugly hold their ground - redundant and exasperating, as it is here.Do not waste your time on this belligerent, awful movie.Manipulative and coarse, all yelling and boo hooing - it will make you roll your eyes at a point.Too much.If you want to get screamed at for free, my I suggest that you go express your political views with people you don't care about and save your time and money that would be wasted on this piece of pretty trash.I did not say good or appropriate acting - just consistent, to be clear.1 smashed plate out of 5

Alysia H (de) wrote: LOL! It sounds like theater!

Joe J (nl) wrote: This film was weirdly good and bad at the same time. It was beautiful to look at and surprisingly captivating, but it was filled with clichs and stereotypes. The movie also didn't portray the first world war accurately at all, because this was apparently supposed to be a war film and a family film at the same time (Whose ridiculous idea was that???). Worst of all, it was too watered-down and sentimental to have the emotional impact it was aiming for.