Blood Thirst

Blood Thirst

A sex-crimes specialist from New York travels to the Philippines to help his friend, a Manila homicide detective, solve a series of murders.

A sex-crimes specialist from New York travels to the Philippines to help his friend, a Manila homicide detective, solve a series of murders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sergio C (ca) wrote: A great movie documentary-like, about a brother that has a tumor relapse and the road trip just before he dies. sometimes a few days can fill years of memories. Great movie!!!!!

Gary J (kr) wrote: Really a fun little movie. Great cast with lots of folks you will recognize. Beautiful scenery, not the least of which is Katharine McPhee. She's amazing. She acts. She dances. She sings. So hot in this movie. Good gags. Lots of action. Highly recommend if you want a sweet little movie.

Countess N (kr) wrote: 16th May 2011 Watchable Brit movie about a Russian gang of men (and woman) who traffic women for sex and men to fight...all illegally of course.

Rea K (nl) wrote: An extraordinary visual experience.

Fletcher J (fr) wrote: Ask anybody who is in a fraternity what it is actually like and they'll probably know each one of the stereotyped members that are in this house. Hilarious, and after seeing it I definitely went out and bought it.

George K (it) wrote: Total Eclipse is a 1995 film directed by Agnieszka Holland, based on a 1967 play by Christopher Hampton, who also wrote the screenplay. Based on letters and poems, it presents a historically accurate account of the passionate and violent relationship between the two 19th century French poets Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis) and Arthur Rimbaud (Leonardo DiCaprio), at a time of soaring creativity for both of them. If your fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, or 19th century French surrealist poetry, enjoy. You bourgeoise gas guzzling whores of babylon. Peace!

luke g (gb) wrote: Good film with good action story is not bad two.

Simon B (kr) wrote: Without question one of the worst films I have had the displeasure of viewing...1 hour 42mins of my life lost. If this is good then James Cameron is a modest man...


Benjamin N (fr) wrote: Unreal Climbing footage!

Orlok W (es) wrote: Overall, a good film but it has a few bone-headed moments--Enjoyable battle of wits between gangsters!!

Mike P (kr) wrote: More found footage tripe to sabotage superior horror films to obscurity.

Nick B (es) wrote: This film was really, really good; very funny, very gritty, very "real." But Lee seems to disappoint us by letting his Black activist, collectivist ideology get in the way of logically, satisfyingly ending his movie. It's not that I'm criticizing what I feel his political beliefs are (judgments made by his generrally never-thinly-veiled messages through his art -- it just seems that Lee caught himself delivering too many messages criticizing Black tribalism, and how collectivism can hurt the most talented individuals among us (to those who disagree, I obviously cite use of the character Giant, whose gambling and ineptitude cause Bleek, our main character, who enables Giant out of love and pity -- to lose his most precious gift of all...But, alas, Lee is no individualist and, while not willing to take the pains to rewrite his entire script, found it easy enough to simply divert his story from what could've been a more natural, resolving ending consistent with the themes established up until the film's climax -- into something entirely disappointing, a complete renouncement of all of the auteur's daring work up to that point.My criticisms are only so vehemently put because the film is quite frankly so good, withstanding all of them. Lee's flashy style works brilliantly for the most part and his use of violence has always been as dynamic as those of Francis Ford Copolla or Martin Scorsese. The acting is excellent all-around, Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes terrific as the warring Alpha Males of the Jazz scene and Spike Lee's dialogue is as funny as it is painfully honest -- especially when he gets into the mind of the womanizing Bleek, breaking down what he, the player, will call a "dick thing" -- into what is actually the fear of a scared little boy.The film manages to be worth seeing even with Lee's "end game," but, man, do you just hate that the film is held back by such an insincere ending. In the end, the film is a microcosm of Spike Lee's career: it starts out great, has flourishes of brilliance, but politics and ego keep it from becomming all it can be. - N.B.