Blood Tracks

Blood Tracks

A film crew producing a rock music video decides to shoot at an abandoned factory above the snow line. When an avalanche strands them, a murderous family living in the factory attacks and kills many of them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mountain,   cabin,   monster,  

A film crew producing a rock music video decides to shoot at an abandoned factory above the snow line. When an avalanche strands them, a murderous family living in the factory attacks and kills many of them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chad S (mx) wrote: Brilliant. Takes me back!! ???

Sharon G (au) wrote: Enjoyable, yet rather dark, story of a young trailer park girl who just wants to have a better life. Acting was wonderful and story was entertaining. Great lighting and cinematography add to the mood of the film.

Jennifer A (it) wrote: Virgin is the story of a rebellious high school girl named Jessie (played by Elisabeth Moss) who comes from a very conservative, devout Christian family. Constantly at odds with her family, circumstances lead to Jessie becoming pregnant and believing she is carrying the Christ child. Her conflicting spirituality, rebelliousness and relationship with her family and two teenage boys lead to a climatic end. Virgin is the brainchild of first time director Deborah Kampmeier who also wrote the script. Robin Wright Penn is the executive producer and also plays Jessie's mother. Shot on a shoe-string budget, the film has many flaws commonly associated with small independent productions. It's too often uneven and would have benefitted from having certain scenes re-written or edited out completely. What kept me somewhat interested was the unusual story and a strong performance by Elisabeth Moss. That alone gives this film some worth. Too odd, edgy and uneven for most movie goers, but if you like indie films and can't find anything else you might give this a shot.

Miranda M (kr) wrote: Dark and funny. Loved the ending.

Ryan S (br) wrote: 4/5. A fun little thriller that's a lot better than one would expect.

Grant T (it) wrote: the ending is a bit unrealistic. however the overall movie was quite a surprise. based on the box's description i expected a comedy, and while it did have its funny parts. the overall movie was quite touching. there is a great moral to the story. excellent film.

Adrian B (mx) wrote: I saw parts of the movie and seeing this many parts was too much. It was a revolting experience. It is Two and Half Men (Sheen) meeting On The Waterfront/A Streetcar Named Desire/The Godfather/Apocalypse Now (Brando), and the end result is catostrophic. Very bad!

Kent Y (jp) wrote: Okay, if this film has an adapted screenplay, which comes from the book version itself, then what were the writers thinking about leaving out so many important plot elements? Not only was there NO information about the characters' profiles and personalities, with the exception of Rob Hall and Beck Weathers, but with those series of plot omissions, they degrade the film entirely because of that. Not to mention, there was some poor acting (especially Tim Dutton as Andy Harris), along with bad overall directing, screenplay, and execution. In spite of this, Nathaniel Parker, Christopher McDonald, and Peter Horton all did well in their roles as Rob Hall, Jon Krakauer, and Scott Fischer respectively.

Weul S (ag) wrote: When a woman disappears at a gas station, her boyfriend's life is forever plagued with questions--questions he might finally get answered when her murderer tracks him down three years later, but only if he's willing.

Jayakrishnan R (de) wrote: 86%Watched this on 23/5/16Despite some excessive religious crap, Altered States is a sound sci-fi film coming from the otherwise silly list of 80s Hollywood sci-fi. The visual techniques in the final demonstration are simply mind blowing. The film is well paced, tensed and the huminoid scenes are far better than what The Fly could offer.

Alan T (jp) wrote: Gross, yet highly entertaining creature-feature with fun humor and clever writing.

Carlton R (nl) wrote: This is the best in the series

Tim S (es) wrote: Classic old school sci-fi monster movie! Horrible effects, horrible dialogue and a horribly realized monster! GREAT STUFF!

Greg W (kr) wrote: no relation to the 1952 bio-pic or the 2001 musical all sharing the same title.

Charlie M (us) wrote: Undercover cops investigate each other in this silly action romp.

Elmo H (mx) wrote: it was enjoyable enough to be content with the amount I spent to rent it from redbox