A dark comedy about a family taking care of their vampire daughter.

A dark comedy about a family taking care of their vampire daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bloodborn torrent reviews

Steve B (gb) wrote: crazy violent silly, still manages to be funny too - Miike on good form here.

Jamie C (kr) wrote: Not something that many people would of thought would be a film, The most famous American President killing vampires, Recipe for disaster you would think but no it's pretty good, Full of great action that kind of felt like 300 at times, The effects were ok, The plot was ok but nothing really new, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version, Maybe some humour would of helped the dark and serious tone at times as it takes itself too seriously and the acting wasn't great, but based on the action it's pretty good.

Tan H (de) wrote: Bugs Bunny meets Tom & Jerry kind of short film :)

Leland B (br) wrote: Sy Fy Channel level crap.

Isaac H (de) wrote: The Class is an honest, heartfelt and consistently entertaining portrayal that maintains a level of realism that will keep its viewers constantly reminding themselves that they're not watching a documentary -- it's difficult to think of much higher praise to heap on the film than that.

Laurent M (nl) wrote: Un d (C)but un peu lent comme souvent et surtout d (C)concertant pour le rle de SRK, mais une deuxime moiti (C) de film en fanfare...

Jennie R (br) wrote: Sequel to "Ringu". It turns WAY left from the storyline & keeps going. It started off interesting but kept getting weirder as it went on. Although it is loosely related to the horror of "Ringu", it is not horror. It lacked the creepy that many Japanese horror movies contain. Okay to see for something different but otherwise you arent missing anything.

David L (fr) wrote: Although the second and the third story can't measure with the first one, that is because what a story Magnetic Rose is! It is a visually astounding, original, very interesting, emotional and an all around very well-made segment that helps transcend the overall film to a status of very good. Memories is a great viewing experience and one of the better anime films from the nineties the does not come from Studio Ghibli.

Curtis W (it) wrote: A friend loaned me a small library of VHS tapes that include several titles by Spaulding Gray, the monologist whose recent attempt to swim to Cambodia ended in tragic failure. Or, maybe he made it. Maybe I'll find out someday. My initial reaction to his death was similar to John Belushi's - thinking what a waste! But each of those guys chose their own way, and it wasn't for me to decide how they did it or pass judgement on them. Anyway, I was riveted by this. I had never seen it. Another friend had given me the book, but it paled in comparison to the experience of watching Gray perform his piece, which veers from intimately touching to disturbingly intense. And all this from a guy seated at a small wooden table with a glass of water, reading notes from a cartoon-covered spiral notebook and using a map of Southeast Asia as a visual aid. Gray recounts his experiences in making The Killing Fields and comments on the socio-political aspects of Thailand and Cambodia. I found most of his comments about Thailand were accurate, and his reflections on Cambodia touching. While most of the visual impact comes from Gray's expressions and subtle changes in lighting and direction by Jonathan Demme, the soundtrack by Laurie Anderson and scenes intercut from The Killing Fields, make the effect complete.

Michael C (ca) wrote: Absolutely brilliant. A lot of people regard the French as nothing more than a bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys. But you can't deny that they make damn good suspense movies.

Micheline S (br) wrote: Love Ashley Judd, great thriller.

Leon B (ru) wrote: Review:This is yet another movie starring Woody Allen were he is rambling on about complete rubbish all the way through the film. The storyline was original but completely silly. Its about a terrible magician, played by Allen, who brings a girl (Johanssen) out of the audience for a magic trick and halfway through the stunt, she gets visited by a dead person who escaped the Grimm Reaper to tell her the true identity of a serial killer. WEIRD! Allen also gets to see the dead person so he joins Johanssen to take down the serial killer. The storyline was really weird but I liked the concept. The main problem is Woody Allen's writing which made the movie more of a silly comedy than a intriguing, murder mystery. Jackman, who plays the accused, had the ability to make his character interesting but the storyline really does go from one extreme to the another. It also didn't help that the film was based in the UK because the rich characters seemed more pompous than interesting. Personally I got fed up with the constant rambling on about trivial matters. I did stick with the film because I thought that it might switch into something serious, but Allen chose to stick with the unfunny theme. Average!Round-Up:With such big names like Johanssen and Jackman, I'm surprised that the budget was so small. Maybe it's because it was made nearly 10 years ago, before Jackman was Wolverine and Johanssen was the Black Widow. Anyway, I personally think that Allen spoilt the movie with his stuttering dialogue and silly humour. I liked Ian McShane, who played the deceased, but he wasnt in the movie that much. I also liked the ending, which was the only proper twist throughout the film, but it wasn't enough to make this film that great. It amazed me that Allen cast Jackman, whose Australian, alongside Johanssen, whose America and he filmed it all in the UK. Jackman does put on a great English accent and he plays pompous quite well, so he blended in with the rest of the English cast. Anyway, this just has to go down as another let down by Allen.Budget: $4millionWorldwide Gross: $39millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/thrillers about 2 people trying to work out whose the Tarot Card Killer with the help of a ghost 3/10