An adventurer hunting for treasure in Greece accidentally frees a monster that forces local villagers to sacrifice virgins.

An adventurer hunting for treasure in Greece accidentally frees a monster that forces local villagers to sacrifice virgins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bloodtide torrent reviews

Eric S (mx) wrote: Worst movie ever... Just kiddin but definitely not the best.

Qi Z (ca) wrote: A study of stoicism in a space scientific project. The reportage and editing gave a very realistic feeling.

M K (es) wrote: It's good, but let's not pretend its the second coming of auterist cinema, or that its even particularly original. The occasionally overdone sound design is ripped straight from Lynch, INLAND EMPIRE especially. Visually borrows from Antichrist, and the story is just a unique take on the old "I Spit on Your Grave" model. Has one great scene (the sequence on the boat) and an effective performance from Hilda Peter as the title character.

Elias N (ca) wrote: Lacking with a meh villain but Downey is not getting any worse, keeps rocking the character with witty lines and great moments.

Mohammed A (br) wrote: Not a good movie to watch

Mark B (de) wrote: this is a turd but with sprinkles in it to make it alittle more enjoyable .. bad effects, bad acting .. coolio.... but its about pterodactyls.... that rises the rating a tad for me

Alastair W (ca) wrote: Great film about a period of musical history that is not seen enough in films and tv shows. Brilliant acting by Steve coogan and I love the "postmodern", jokey narrative of the story. One of my favourite films of all time.

Michael D (mx) wrote: gere can't choose between 2 women so he crashes his car. some soap opera in between. horribly reviewed and slow.

Jason S (nl) wrote: I thought this film was an awesome thriller!

Jenna M (ru) wrote: how do I watch the movie

Peter D (es) wrote: Two guys hit the road in search of sex & free rides. I'm punch-drunk for Blier's war-of-the-sexes worldview, and this lark is suitably nuts. (Don't believe me? Check out those wacky photos!) Like a cross between BREATHLESS and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, it was also the film that launched Gerard Depardieu's career.

Kenny V (br) wrote: David Tennant is brilliant as Hamlet!

Bank K (br) wrote: What's interesting about "Women Without Men" is that it interwove politics and female issue beautifully with a poetic vision.

Alyn D (ag) wrote: What a gem, real locations and real pulpy.

Jared S (kr) wrote: SAVING PRIVATE RYAN review: I don't thank I have ever had a harder time watching a film. Saving Private Ryan is about a make-shift task force, led by Captain Miller, assigned by the highest rank to search for Private Ryan and bring him, the last sibling of his family alive, home to his mother following the Normandy landings. This is probably the most patriotic movie ever made, in all seriousness, but is not for the faint of heart. The opening invasion scene ALONE showcases absolutely horrifying depictions of injuries, chaos, emotion, and all around extremely disgusting imagery, shot in hauntingly beautiful handheld cam, often held by Spielberg himself, in hands-DOWN, the most visually immersive film I've ever seen. The characters are very realistic as well, with layers, and not just one definitive personality trait, but rather agreeing with one another, and subduing emotion during scarring moments, and for the most part, we don't rely on backstory to relate to the heros, but rather their acting and live delivery in intimate conversations. The narrative is beautifully woven in with subtle thoughts expressed between characters to build up to the extremely powerful message near the end. Overall, this is a nearly flawless film with world class camerawork and cinematography, Oscar worthy performances, and home-hitting themes and moments. Saving Private Ryan is a 10/10

Cris S (jp) wrote: boring. boring. boring.