A former child actress attends college in search of independence and ends up becoming romantically involved with a female professor. Their relationship thrives until an opportunity to return to acting forces her to make life-altering decisions.

"Bloomington" is a coming-of-age drama about a former child actress attending college in search of independence and who ends up becoming romantically involved with a female professor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve G (mx) wrote: "Zero Dark Thirty" uses drama to tell the story of the terrorism that has been happening to "Americans" for the last 10 years. The plot to "Zero Dark Thirty" is that a woman named "Maya" who works for the government and the military, has experienced the biggest terrorist attacks on "America" for the since 1998 to 2011. During her work for the government she has devoted her time to finding the psychotic man known as "Osama Bin Laden" and bringing down the his followers known as "Al Qaeda". The movie starts off with voices yelling on one of the flights of the "September 11 attacks". This is a dark way to allow the audience to know what the movie is about. Throughout the movie it shows "Maya's" character change as she goes from a shy and awkward girl to a strong and independent woman. There are some scenes in the movie that just are boring and make the movie drag on. The movie's climax is somewhat entertaining; it's filmed in the dark while occasionally showing the perspective of a soldier wearing night vision goggles. "Jessica Chastain" gives the audience a great performance as "Maya" along with "Chris Pratt", he give a splendid performance as well. "Alexandry Desplat" exceeds in composing sad and dramatic music, which fits in perfectly for every scene it is in. One of "Zero Dark Thirty's" biggest problems is the camera work; pretty much every scene in the movie the cameraman is holding the camera, for some scenes it can be found tolerable but others, it's just annoying and overused. If you are a person who enjoys historic dramas then I highly recommend you watch "Zero Dark Thirty" as it has splendid acting, an amazing plot and great music. Although the movie isn't perfect it has some issues these being a not very entertaining climax, some boring scenes and the handheld camera being used too often. I give 2012's "Zero Dark Thirty" a 7.5/10.

Carmelo H (us) wrote: La pelcula podra ser grandiosa, pero el argumento hace agua por todos lados.Termina siendo deprimente y desesperanzadora. Slo para los amantes del cine experimental.

Jaime R (de) wrote: Good movie, may be somewhat disturbing though.

Chris D (ag) wrote: Despite a sturdy cast, Imaginary Heroes isn't as good as it thinks it is - could have used a little levity to balance out the stories dolefulness...I'd recommend Spencer Susser's 'Hesher' who deals with a similar subject matter in a much more touching way.

Robert F (jp) wrote: Lost Junction was a little slow for me. I also thought it was a mistake for the film-makers to deviate away from Missy's storyline and over to that whole Jimmy-Matt one. At the point where Neve went on her fake guilt-trip-prison thing, that's when I just wanted it to hurry up and end. And the real story behind Doc's death didn't seem interesting enough to warrent all the secrecy and mystery that we had to endure the entire time. But I think they chose a good place to film - the small town setting worked for the story. And on the whole, Neve was pretty good too.

Pete S (fr) wrote: I thought it was good, and good to see Robert Forester again.

Jon L (au) wrote: it's spotty in its pacing, and a tad one dimensional for dealing with such a complex individual, but dustin hoffman holds it all together with his solid acting.

Irvin C (es) wrote: I'm currently trying to knock out a script involving summoning demons so a friend of mine recommended I see this movie for inspiration. Consider me inspired! (I think Sam Raimi was inspired by this movie too) Of course, it's directed by Jacques Tourneur whose films "Cat People" and "I Walked With A Zombie" are some of my favorite classic horror films. This one is about a demonic cult that summons a fire demon and skeptical scientist who investigates. Again, atmosphere and character take center stage over gore and special effects.

Joseph S (es) wrote: Emilio Estevez in "The Bishop Of Battle" as a suburban acrade addict, blasting "Black Flag" and "Fear" on his head phones until he is sucked fabled into the 13th level of the game. That's most of why you should watch "Nightmares", which is somewhere between "Creepshow" and "Tales From The Darkside". The other story here worth seeing is "Night Of The Rat" about the most hilariously gigantic and evil rat, ever to grace cinema, the legendary "Devil Rat" as it cleverly named, which terrorizes a small family. The other two stories, "Terror In Topanga", which is only mildly funny if youve ever lived in the valley, because Topnaga Canyon is one the least threatening places on earth. Then there's "Benediction" which is about a priest bieng chased by a truck, also possibly driven by the devil or something. There is one scene where truck comes out of the earth, that looks eerily real, but aside from that it's pretty worthless. I like anthology films, like this, even the bad ones, between "Bishop Of Battle" and "Night Of The Rat", there's just enough laughs (zero scares), to make this one worth seeing. Also oddly no framing story, you just get 1-2-3-4 the end. Makes the whole thing feel incomplete.

Tim S (fr) wrote: Worst movie ever made. What the fuck were they thinking.