Blossoms of Fire

Blossoms of Fire

Blossoms of Fire is a dazzling, whirling dance of a film that celebrates the extraordinary lives of the Isthmus Zapotecs of southern Oaxaca, Mexico, whose strong work ethic and fierce ...

Blossoms of Fire is a dazzling, whirling dance of a film that celebrates the extraordinary lives of the Isthmus Zapotecs of southern Oaxaca, Mexico, whose strong work ethic and fierce ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pingyu W (fr) wrote: There are many ways to show your talents, no matter who you are, a student or soldier, in a war or movie.

William T (us) wrote: Terrible plot, lame cgi. What is Don S Davis doing in this crapola?

Marcin M (au) wrote: Brings Lynch works into mind. Still, however technically great it may be, it's not half as deep or witty as it thinks it is, and anybody expecting a brilliant solution to such an elaborated riddle will be seriously disappointed.

Deb W (jp) wrote: Sometimes a movie is so bad it is good....not this one! What a disappointment. Big Bad Wolf tried to be another "An American Werewolf in London" or a movie from the "Evil Dead" series, and it was great to see David Naughton in a cameo role as a lawman, but the dark "comedy" falls flat. Also, unbelievable in the role as the biker/mechanic chick was Kimberly J. Brown from the Disney Halloween Town series of movies....about as tough as a stale marshmallow. ;)The one thing going for this movie is the music. Green Vinyl Dream's "SHELTER" is a song you'll want to play over and over again on your iPod...if iTunes carried it! Arghhhhh!

sitenoise (au) wrote: A decent story about a couple's decent into madness with a few "Oh, come on!" moments. Pretty low production value, which I don't object to in and of itself, but it seemed to make the director and actors appear a bit lazy and amateurish, although Jennifer Marlowe did rise above it at times.

Chequita R (nl) wrote: my kids daddy play it all day everyday now i hate this movie. 2 thumbs down

Will H (es) wrote: I liked this movie. Confusing as hell, especially in the beginning. But in the end you root for the main characters even as everything spirals out of control- that's all that really matters in a caper movie. 4-stars for the excecution of the movie. I felt it was well paced and exciting for the most part

Nirav P (nl) wrote: One of my favorites of all time.

Dan G (de) wrote: Absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended. Clint Eastwood is spectacular. As always.

Eric B (ru) wrote: Any Castle "hommage" the Psycho. The twist took me less than 5 seconds to figure out and the gimmick -- in this case a 60 second fright break -- only disrupts any tension that might have otherwise been mounting. It is surprisingly brutal at times and occasionally even a bit scary, but it mostly delivers laughs and campy fun.

Katelyn B (fr) wrote: Simon Pegg is always good... but this movie was strange and blah to me.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Cornball, but quite entertaining film that tells the "true" story of Frank Dux entering into a violent underground no-hold-barred fight competition. A young Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Dux and is quite good. However, it's the villainous Bolo Yueg who steal the film as the hulking brutal main rival in the competition. I'd completely forgotten that Forest Whitaker had a part in this film, but he is excellent as always and way too good of an actor for this drivel. Still, it's pretty entertaining drivel and features a completely rad 80s score by Paul Hertzog and some wonderfully Eye of the Tiger-like inspirational rock ballads from Stan Bush. Well worth watching for 80s action film fans.

Richard L (es) wrote: Despite an interesting cast (Arquette, Mendes, Carradine, Williamson), the movie nevertheless fails. Some dialogues appear out of nowhere, the characters' behavior is erratic and the storyline in general doesn't make sense.

Cline D (ca) wrote: Sacr casting, beaucoup de munitions et de testostrone, divertissant.

Dave C (ca) wrote: And now we have lost Debbie Reynolds,but we still have the greatest musical ever made