Blue Eyelids

Blue Eyelids

Marina wins a paradise vacation for two, but when she realizes that she has no one to bring along, she decides to invite a stranger named Victor. The pair soon discovers that true love depends more on compatibility rather than idyllic scenery.

Marina wins a paradise vacation for two, but when she realizes that she has no one to bring along, she decides to invite a stranger named Victor. The pair soon discovers that true love depends more on compatibility rather than idyllic scenery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andres V (br) wrote: Tan mala como se puede esperar de una pelcula colombo espaola pero con la salvedad del gran papel de Tosar. De no ser por l seria otro porquera de las de siempre y con el plus de tener a Clara Rojas detrs rogando por mas dinero. Martina como siempre perversa, siempre me recuerda a Cata Sandino, igual de perversas ambas. Los guerrilleros de la historia estn sacados de pelcula infantil y los del ejercito ni hablar. Historia mal contada con un nivel de ficcin que nos deja peor pintados de lo que somos. Psima pelcula.

James T (nl) wrote: it was interesting but you kinda feel cheated

Peter V (kr) wrote: A relationship between a man and a woman, depicted in 5 chapters of their lives. Really nice to see.

WS W (au) wrote: A typical Japanese 'inspiring' comedy/drama for youths.

Eric N (es) wrote: Bad. Amateur porn bad. Deeply painful to watch it was so bad.

Sylvester K (kr) wrote: Scarfies is a typical New Zealand comedy, filled with bad acting, sex, weed and swearing. I don't even know who thought it was a good idea to ruin the reputation of New Zealand with this film, the plot is ridiculously stupid and antisocial. The only redemption of the film is the nice filming and editing techniques.

Justin O (jp) wrote: Proof that Hollywood writers were in a slump.

Kenneth M (es) wrote: Jeg husker jeg likte denne veldig godt - samtidig fler jeg at jeg har glemt en del, noe som taler imot den. Tror jeg m se den igjen.

modestguitarist (br) wrote: Awesome Sunday afternoon viewing

Martin T (ca) wrote: A beautifully shot homage to classic noir, evoking traces of Sunset Boulevard, The Third Man and maybe Gaslight. It's a compelling, swiftly-moving story of a sports journalist who gets involved with a washed-up actress. The high contrast black & white photography, liberal use of unusual wipes and striking musical choices are the highlights. I enjoyed watching it, but like a lot of Fassbinder, by the end I felt like "well, that's that". I think he manages to make his films very distinctive, but they rarely catch hold of me. I suspect that there's a lot of subtext that I'm too dense and/or lazy to pick up on.

Andrew S (ca) wrote: No one can escape from Alcatraz, right? Try telling that to lifer Frank Morris (Clint Eastwood). This Donald Siegel-directed nailbiter is a reenactment of Frank Morris' 1962 attempt to bust himself and two other cons out of The Rock. Eastwood, as Morris, tilts with nasty warden Patrick McGoohan for a while, befriends several fellow prisoners, and picks the guys with whom he'll make his escape. Among his break-out buddies are the Anglin Brothers (Fred Ward and Jack Thibeau), with whom he'd served in other lockups, and several others who've got their own special reasons to despise the sadistic McGoohan. Filmed on location at the newly renovated Alcatraz,

Tommy F (ca) wrote: Classis Lewis and Martin

Stella D (au) wrote: the film synopsis leads one to believe that nora prentiss ruins the life of a respected doctor but as gorgeous as ann sheridan is, she's much too sweet for a femme fatale. this is considered a 'woman's noir' but the story is really that of dr. richard talbot, consumed by guilt and increasingly paranoid. it's hard for me to see why nora prentiss stands by him when he was too much a coward to simply ask his wife for a divorce. of course that would've been a much less dramatic film

Dusty L (es) wrote: 48% on my Tomatometer.

David S (es) wrote: Very few films transcend their Zeitgeist. This is one of them. Hard to believe that it was released 40 years ago when some of us were young. Yet the theme of loneliness, and isolation are still with us. Along side of Raging Bull which I would put in second place, this just might be the greatest film of the 1970's. The violence in the film is American society and how it leaves behind so many people.... It did then and it still does...And Let us not forget Paul Schrader's

Dave W (it) wrote: An overly ambitious mess but overall fun to watch. Incredible effort was put into the set design and really great ideas in terms of choreography, visuals and characters. This was indeed a labour of love and although I appreciated the thought there were elements that really annoyed me. The hip hop flavour did absolutely nothing for the film. It detracted from it. I don't mind wire-fu but if the laws of physics are to be defied at least complete the illusion. Weak point of impact, unbalanced cause and effect and unnatural body positioning made scenes, especially the opening, seem much less exciting. If one is to enjoy a Kung Fu movie at least get the fight scenes right. There were saving graces though such as the battle in the brothel.I also think RZA should work harder on perfecting his skills as a film maker, put his ego aside and take himself out of acting. He's TERRIBLE! His dumb, emotionless looking mug was the tipping point for me. To put himself in the lead and have absolutely zero charisma is the worst decision he could have made. Even as a humble, downtrodden blacksmith you've got to have a little spark. On the other hand, I'm glad Bautista is getting some good parts. He's very likeable, delivers his lines naturally and has potential to be a real actor. This could have been an awesome flick! To use the excuse that it's his first attempt is crap. There was so much good, someone had to know what they were doing. It was simply a few bad choices, ego and laziness that failed this movie. So disappointing.

John M (fr) wrote: The movie's got balls and you have to admire Roth for diving deep into this real scenario, using real village natives who have never been photographed before. Still, the acting's bad from the main cast members and it's a bland torture movie at the heart of it, despite any forceful environmental message it's trying to portray.

Martin T (ca) wrote: The cinematography is very good, highlighted by some impressive battle scenes. And the story is mildly engaging, although rather fragmented. It's the attitude I can't tolerate. All this gung ho patriotism makes me ill. They're falling all over themselves to serve their country and go kill some "Japs" and "nips". When they get put on "boring" duties, they get very crestfallen and start whining their asses off. And the score is unbearable. Sentimental, heavy-handed pap, and poorly acted as well.