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Pablo E (fr) wrote: Es difcil entender lo que Roman Coppola quizo hacer con esta tragicomedia. El director, conocido principalmente por sus trabajos con Wes Anderson, presenta a Charlie Sheen como Charles Swan III, un diseador que entra en una verdadera crisis al terminar con su ltima novia. Buena banda sonora de Liam Hayes.

Gabriel K (br) wrote: Maybe it's due to having a sever case of nyctophobia, but this movie freaked me out till the end.

Eric M (fr) wrote: Achingly tragic, tensely paced, impeccably acted, artfully filmed, evocatively scored and historically poignant, "Valkyrie" is a remarkably underrated and underappreciated film that tells the powerful true story of the July 20 coup against Hitler. Singer's direction is phenomenal here, drawing out tension for a story we already know the end to, but somehow that makes the entire endeavor all the more compelling. I still don't understand the muted response this film has received, as it deserves much more.

Joydeep S (gb) wrote: Its hard enough to make a movie based on classics like reservoir dogs, heat and usual suspects. But this bollywood treat not only passes the test but sets its own trend in the industry with its own unique mirch masala. Good music and good performances!

Donald C (gb) wrote: Wrong movie! The "jackpot" that's showing is based on a Jo Nesbo book.

Matt C (nl) wrote: this guy sums it up perfectly: "It's easily the best film I've ever seen about an evil woman-raping sea monster." practical effects abound

Marc M (ca) wrote: Lame start, but funny movie.

John A (it) wrote: This film is patetic.

Lauren S (it) wrote: An extremely powerful and emotional film.