Blue Hill Avenue

Blue Hill Avenue

A child of a middle class home with solid moral values is lured into a world of crime and corruption.

A child of a middle class home with solid moral values is lured into a world of crime and corruption. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jukka K (de) wrote: The rather poor script is saved by a great lead performance by Eero Milonoff.

Kirk B (nl) wrote: Not one of my favorites. Done when Disney was trying to figure out digital Animation and got away from what they are good at.

Ross M (us) wrote: A hugely under-rated drama with two great performances from two great actors. Dog Day Afternoon it ain't, but it does do a good enough job itself. Travolta plays his role believavly and gets a great amount of sympathy for his character who you can't help but love and pity as his simple plan, which he, in his child like mind did not think through, escalates beyond his control. Dustin Hoffman in one of his least raved about roles but a good one nonetheless, is great opposite Travolta as the news reporter who sees a kind man, not the evil villain who takes children hostage the public see. Hoffman and Travolta, who basically carry the film on their own as neither one of them is ever off screen for a long period of time, play off each other remarkably and we see a realistic looking conenction appear between the characters, in something that reminds me a lot of the friendship of two farm workers in the novel Of Mice And Men. It is also filmed well. However, the pacing is fairly bad and it can be rather slow in some parts, where you find your mind drifting when not much is happening on screen. Although it is slow, and so much more could have been done with the plot, it does all build up to a great climax. Worth a look for the many good parts that out weigh the few bad parts.

Michael C (br) wrote: excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott R (ca) wrote: What a fascinating story that covered these overlapping stories of independence. It also had a good cast. It was something I was glad to know more about, despite the parts that seemed contrived, i.e. Martha's dilemmas. Additionally, many themes were too complicated to be covered in this relatively short film, regardless I still enjoyed learning about the various relationships in Jefferson's life and how he managed to balance them or let them fall. The production was rather simple at times, but they managed to do well on a limited budget to portray the pomp and circumstance of the French Court at the time of the revolution and all the freedoms involved. They managed to attack Jefferson's contridictions in his hacing fought for freedoms, yet still he had not giving them to all, i.e. his daughter and his slaves.

Hayden L (es) wrote: An ingenious and original film, is great in the way it puts a very original twist to the werewolf legend though it really isn't a werewolf film. It has good acting, foreboding atmosphere and a great monster! This is little known monster movie that deserves more credibility. It would be very nice if this film was remake,and I would go see it!

William D (ru) wrote: A few friends and I are doing a Bette Davis retrospective, slowly working our way through all of Davis's films from the 1930s and 1940s. The biggest surprise so far is two relatively unknown films she did in 1937: "Marked Woman" and "Kid Galahad." Both are available from Netflix in pristine DVD pressings. They are an absolute delight and come highly recommended. They aren't great works of art, but they're two of the best traditional melodramas you'll ever see. The films have some similarity. In both, Davis plays a young woman from a lower-class background struggling to make a living in the criminal underground. "Marked Woman" is particularly daring, in that she plays a prostitute battling the mob kingpin for whom she works. It's a stark and tough work, conveying the sense that if one is born on the wrong side of the tracks, one is probably doomed to stay there the rest of one's life. The director was Lloyd Bacon, who also directed "42nd Street" a few years earlier. "Kid Galahad" is class-conscious but not quite so darkly. Davis plays sidekick to a crooked boxing promoter (Edward G. Robinson), and both are lower-class young people trying to survive as best they can. Robinson's character is presented forthrightly as the child of immigrants. There is one long scene where he talks to his mother in fluent Italian, and there aren't any subtitles. This was a joy to see in a mainstream Hollywood movie. I can't imagine how much it must have meant to Italian audiences of that era. Davis's character falls in love with the new boxer they are promoting, whom she dubs Kid Galahad. Twenty-three-year-old Wayne Morris positively melts the screen as the boxer. In one of the most touching and non-actorly performances I've ever seen, the largely untrained Morris plays the character from his heart. His physical beauty (Rudy Valentino good looks and an Olympian body) is matched by his homespun kindness. You can feel Bette Davis falling in love with Morris in every scene they have together. Michael Curtiz, who would in later years bring us "Casablanca" and "Mildred Pierce," among many other films, directed "Kid Galahad." Coincidentally, Humphrey Bogart has a supporting role in both "Marked Woman" and "Kid Galahad," as does Jane Bryan. If you haven't seen a movie from Hollywood's golden era in a while, these are two titles that will surely not disappoint. Note on Davis: Nineteen thirty-seven was the year Bette Davis hit her stride. She first caught attention in 1934 for her Oscar-nominated tour de force in "Of Human Bondage" opposite Leslie Howard. She followed that up by winning the first of her two Oscars in 1935 for "Dangerous." By 1937, she was soaring, becoming a major box-office attraction. In 1938, she won her second and final Oscar for "Jezebel." It's hard to believe that an actor of her stature would only win two Oscars (out of 11 total nominations). But then again, Meryl Streep has only won two (out of a total 16 nominations).

Melissa L (it) wrote: Just ok. It was a little different, but not my favorite. It's pretty unrealistic, and the developing relationship between the women would never happen after they offed someone.

Alejandro R (au) wrote: A stylized action drama that feels like a Tarantino film, because his like-minded buddy Robert Rodriguez is the one who brings the graphic novel to the silver screen. An incredibly impressive cast for this urban, but somewhat mythic world. Some of the cast members were unrecognizable in their roles, but the style of the film is very recognizable indeed. An entertaining blood bath that carries some flare making it aesthetically pleasing sometimes, but not really that memorable or something I'd want to watch again.

Deena D (au) wrote: Paul Walker <3 Gerard Butler, nothing more should be said :)