Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland

Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland

With Blue Mountain State football star Thad Castle recently signing a multi-million dollar NFL contract, his teammates and college life seem like a distant memory. However, when a new school dean threatens to clean up the BMS image by auctioning off the infamous Goat House, Alex, Sammy and the boys must find a way to convince him to get involved. Despite his new fortune and fame, there is one small favor that Thad needs done before he saves the day: the biggest booze-and-sloot fest in BMS history. Welcome to Thadland!

When the Dean of Blue Mountain State threatens to sell the Goat House, Alex throws Thad the party of his dreams in an effort to get him to buy it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marta R (br) wrote: It was a good story... just not realistic...

sandi (nl) wrote: i love Edge!!!! i thought the movie was not too bad, it did have some funny parts in it. i think edge could have a good acting career ahead of him but it has to be a comedy film

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Timothy F (ag) wrote: Despite being a low-budget documentary, the message of hope in the face of terrible adversity is extremely powerful. This film shows the true power and impact everyday people can have combatting evil in the world if only they are brave enough to stand together.

Peter P (es) wrote: Not the worst type of movie for the world is gonna end genre, and I will always have a soft spot for Stephan Baldwin because of The Usual Suspects, and he is a bredren, so I watched and did not hate it.

Shelley G (mx) wrote: Argentian, very funny, has a Woody Allen twist...

Gary R (gb) wrote: [u]One word[/u]: Interesting[u]Plot[/u]: Strange things start happening in a small town as meteors start falling striking hapless victims and transforming them into undead zombies. A band of survivors try to figure out what is going on. They use lots of guns.[u]Who will like it[/u]: teens, fans of comedy-horror movies, goremongers[u]My thoughts[/u]: This film is a mixture of horror and comedy. Most of the horror aspects are good. Great zombie effects. Blood and gore galore. Some of the comedy bits are good. One main character pulls out his guns and goes into a Robert Rodriguez-like stylized slow motion ballet. One zombie with a shovel shoved into his head finds it hard to get around. Good stuff.But, I don't really like comedy infused horror. One reason being that most films in that genre rarely take themselves seriously. They are just basically a juvenille romp that try to see how gross they can be. Examples: Evil Dead 2, Dead Alive, Friday the 13th (from #5 on), etc. But when films like this take themselves seriously, that is where the humor lies. Examples: Phantasm 2, From Dust till Dawn, and Night of the Creeps. These films take their humor from situations that have something to do with the plot, not heep on the slapstick just for kicks. They pull off sly humor and give the audience a wink as if to say " You have a brain, and we know it." The former films I feel pull off silly humor bits as if to say "You don't have a brain, here's some fresh guts that we pulled out of some guys body. Isn't that funny?"Undead fits somewhere between these two extremes. Sometimes the comedy fits and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the gore fits and sometimes it doesn't. Apart from the horror aspect, it throws in some Sci-Fi connections to boot. I am not opposed to that, but in this case it doesn't make any sense. It never really gets around to explain anything that is going on. And by the end of the film, you really don't care. The characters are for the most part cardboard cutouts. The acting, with one exception,is ok, but nothing special. What is special are the effects. The gore is well executed as are the visual effects. There is one particular vision toward the end of the film that entranced me. I don't want to give it away, but it is what one character sees when he is trying to escape the zombies in an airplane. Fascinating vision. But sadly it isn't completely explained and would have been more powerful if it were. I understand that the filmmakers had a small budget and took several months to complete the film on their home computer. And for the final product that they acheived in the look of the film alone, their hard work shows. I wish that the film had been more coherent though. It will be fun to see what they will do in the future. One bright spot is the actress, Felicity Mason. She is the only character that actually has character and she is a breath of fresh air. She handles the scope of the character, although not fully fleshed out in the script, with flair. Undead is her only film credit, but her bewitching looks beg for more exposure. She is too good and fresh to not use again in another film. I would like to see more of her. [u]Bottom Line:[/u] A good try but doesn't add up to much. It's fun to look at but doesn't have much else. Perhaps a better script combined with the filmmakers passion could make a better film in the future. Undead is worth a look, but don't expect much. There's a lot to eat but you'll still be hungry.

Ryan W (nl) wrote: This movie has a few good laughs and it's entertaining.but it wasn't to memorable and very run of the mill rags to riches storyScore:3/5....,)$)76$&(($$()$&)),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,h

Clifford V (au) wrote: Not your regular vampire picture. Very original and excellant costumes and scenery. It depicts the true story of Vlad before he became a "vampire".

Amanda H (jp) wrote: Asian horror movies are scarier than American ones about 95% of the time, and this one is not an exception. While I did find it a bit confusing at times, when everything tied together at the end I realized just how creepy it was. This probably isn't for everyone, and it's not tremendously original, but I found it pretty satisfying, in a fun and just-scary-enough kind of way.

Deke P (au) wrote: Natashia so hot! Her monstrosity so scary! Great flick. Saw when it came out. How can these RT scores be so low?? Set in Los Angeles! Great cast of stars. great plot.

Ross D (nl) wrote: I don't know why people hate this movie, I loved it. Classic martial arts films style cheese. It's basically Dangerous Minds but with Capoera.

Robyn M (de) wrote: James M Cain's novel 'Mildred Pierce' was much tougher, dirtier, violent and cynical than the gorgeously mounted movie it became, but the film still manages to maintain enough of the flavor of the book to be interesting. This is not my favorite Joan Crawford film or adaptation from a novel.

Aj V (nl) wrote: Personally I don't like West, and I didn't think she and Grant had any chemistry together at all. This movie just doesn't work.