Blue Oranges

Blue Oranges

When he's called in to investigate the murder of a former art student (Pooja Kanwal), Nilesh Bhargav (Rajit Kapoor) turns to the woman's paintings to see if they might hold clues to her killer's identity. Was it (Aham Sharma) the boyfriend she abandoned years ago and whom the police suspect? Or was there another with the motive, means and opportunity to do her in? Rajesh Ganguly directs this entertaining whodunit.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Blue Oranges torrent reviews

Jennelle H (ru) wrote: Very cute and funny and heartwarming movie that should have been a family movie but loses points for the vulgarity and nudity.

Tim B (ag) wrote: Satire of comic movies

Heather M (au) wrote: You can't help but feel sorry for poor Bob. I had hope that in the end he would straighten himself out and I am so glad that he did. Rachel Leigh Cook was adorable as the accident prone office girl.

Ashley b (ca) wrote: i never seen it on tv before

David L (de) wrote: Finding Neverland takes its time to get there with an inferior first half, but it does get there with the most satisfying conclusion, so emotional and moving, and the story is riveting throughout. It is incredibly well acted and directed, it has terrific scenery, it is emotionally rewarding, wonderfully scripted but above all a sophisticated and very entertaining and emotional biopic that is one of the best I've seen.

Luis O (es) wrote: Indian culture has always fascinated me, films like these reveal the we are not very different, just different rituals.

Charlie G (br) wrote: Good idea. Good actors. I'd watch it again.

James S (us) wrote: 'Swingers' perhaps marked the start of the recent explosion of 'lad' based comedies. A now familiar scenario in which a group of friends help the heartbroken chap by exposing him to as many bars, women and alcohol as possible. The comedy is definitely dated, although it has some nice moments. It also exposed me to one of the few films where Vince Vaughn was bearable, and dare I say it, even amusing. Nothing special, although I would expect my rating to be different should I have watched it some ten years ago.

Michael R (fr) wrote: What a very odd movie--and seeing Robert Redford portraying a gay/bi man is interesting. It's a shame the narrating was removed except for the beginning and end--it might've had a better flow.

Bill B (mx) wrote: I was able to finally cross this classic film off the list when I caught it via Turner Classic Movies awhile back. Hepburn is very charming as the lead, finding unexpected love in Venice, and I would happily revisit this one again with the wife, as I expect she'd enjoy it quite a bit as well.Well worth a rental at the very least.

Christian W (ag) wrote: This is a good example that you need more than a great script and highly skilled actors to put on a good show. You also need a half-decent director.

Augustine H (us) wrote: Kristen Stewart shines in this fiction-becoming reality drama about celebrity. So sorry to see Juliette Binoche aged though.

Francisco A (mx) wrote: One of the classic horror road trip films of the last decade.

Chris B (fr) wrote: Pretty bored with the tired shaky cam movies.. It's like every unoriginal horror film maker is trying to cash in on an idea from 5 years ago.