Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine

Dean and Cindy live a quiet life in a modest neighborhood. They appear to have the world at their feet at the outset of the relationship. However, his lack of ambition and her retreat into self-absorption cause potentially irreversible cracks in their marriage.

A complex portrait of a contemporary American marriage, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark M (ag) wrote: made me motion sick so I had to leave halfway through, but i wasn't mad about the fact that I missed the ending.

Dave J (nl) wrote: two brothers in principle of Mozart (Kazu Patrick Tang) and Julius (Johan Kirsten) Julius fight each other over a girl, Mary (Macha Polivka)

Muhammed S (kr) wrote: why Hauer why?, cheap and utterly weak!

Gregory W (mx) wrote: just ok for "bummer theater"

Hayden H (gb) wrote: I watched this so long ago but what I do remember was the once in awhile scares that were provided but then there was the plot that no one on earth could follow. I thought the first part with the main character as a child was good but then the rest, as the poor victims of this why is not always scary movie about THE SCARIEST CREATURE EVER, does before it can live up to its potential. This falls into the 2000's disappointing horror movies that had a good idea an bring people in but instead tear your love for pure horror in half and leave you with what could have been. Dark Waters, Darkness, The Fog (remake), and The Skeleton Key, you finally have some company now that you helped Hollywood wake the fuck up and stop making films like these an make big horror films like Insidious. So thank you, still got to to give this movie a whopping "C-"

Mesh B (gb) wrote: For those who think the movie contains explicit gay sex scene, you can chill, it doesn't. Beautiful Thing shares the same artsy taste with Brokeback Mountain, and tells a humane & heart-wrenching tale of a gay theme coming-age love story between two teenagers against the backdrop of South London. 8/10.

Mon K (nl) wrote: Cute feel-good romantic comedy!

Sean K (nl) wrote: A compelling boxing match of a film that finds its strengths through the two lead performances...

Geoff J (fr) wrote: Great little thriller...