Young female models are being strangled inexplicably. Will law enforcement be able to stop the crime wave before more women become victims?

In Paris, an artist hires portrait models, and after he finishes their portraits, he strangles them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bluebeard torrent reviews

Martin Y (fr) wrote: Nr nu ikke DR vil vise den, er det godt at man kan se den andre steder. Interessant dokumentar

Tatsuhito K (mx) wrote: I don't think this is a good movie in any sense. Jonah Hex is a PG-13 rated B-movie with countless flaws and incomprehensible plot. It's an unpleasant and unexciting movie experience.

Richard K (ca) wrote: Why hadn't I heard of this? Great wee show!

Jonny L (gb) wrote: I think this movie was made to test my sanity.

April W (au) wrote: i liked the first one betterwith patrick swazie in it .

Jonathan (br) wrote: They aren't the Three Stooges by any means. This is the only movie I have seen of theirs and I hope if I watch anymore they won't be this bad.

Jeremy S (au) wrote: A Noir film which was trying to be LA confiditional and it doesn't live up to the premise