Blues Busters

Blues Busters

The Bowery Boys (Bowery Boys) open a nightclub after Sach has his tonsils out and wakes up with a singing voice.

After undergoing a throat operation, Sach discovers that he now possesses a beautiful singing voice. Slip and the gang try to figure out ways to make money off of it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andres V (es) wrote: Interesante porque brinda la oportunidad de ver un poco el mundo de los desconocidos guionistas, que son quienes dan el primer aire a una pelicula pero que son totalmente olvidados. Muy interesante escuchar sus opiniones, su vida, sus puntos de vista pero el documental es totalmente lineal al punto de entrar en coma. Aburrido, opinion tras opinion con un hilo bastante fragil y un poco falto de rumbo.


Marco M (es) wrote: A brave and denouncing film on corruption and complicity between politics and business in Naples.

Martin T (br) wrote: A bleak and depressing, and intriguingly stylized, look at war and survival. Riveting and bold, peppered occasionally with twisted moments of very black humor

Josh B (jp) wrote: love the style, atmosphere and unique but cheesy scenes. good watch with a chilling ending

Sarahi G (br) wrote: I love Sebastian Stan but thought it was a horrible crude humor very dry so not very funny and in that case I'll rent an adult tape because it was xxx to me but oh well only like 2 stars for me.