Blues metropolitano

Blues metropolitano

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(fr) wrote: i didnt understand it. i watched it a second time still didnt truly enjoy it. strange choice of direction. telling the story twice. characters were likeable. storyline was bazaar

Sebastien D (kr) wrote: un film pour jeunes enfants

Nicki M (jp) wrote: Enjoyable 90's doco with a really sad ending for two of the ladies.

Ajith N (ca) wrote: A beautifully shot horror film.

Mark H (ca) wrote: The thing i love about this film are the scenes involving pulling the massive boat over a mountain. In an age where there is no CGI, what do you do?... there is only one thing to do... pull the boat over the mountain...literally!

I dont know w (ca) wrote: Looks unrealistic and stupid. Enough said.

Eliabeth M (ag) wrote: This was an ok movie

Kathy B (gb) wrote: Xlnt film...lots of laughs!