Boa vs. Python

Boa vs. Python

After an overly ambitious businessman transports an 80-foot python to the United States, the beast escapes and starts to leave behind a trail of human victims. An FBI agent and a snake specialist come up with a plot to combat the creature by pitting it against a bioengineered, 70-foot boa constrictor. It's two great snakes that snake great together!

After an overly ambitious businessman transports an 80-foot python to the United States, the beast escapes and starts to leave behind a trail of human victims. An FBI agent and a snake ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sebastian F (au) wrote: A laughably bad made for TV horror movie and Micheal Madsen being in it just made me want to watch Kill Bill

Gabriel K (ru) wrote: An amazing and deeply moving film. I think it is in a way Isabel Coixet's more intellectual answer to Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation". Tokyo metropolis serves as a canvas for a touching love-story. The film also borrows a bit of atmosphere from the classic trademark Wong Kar Wai films, to good effect, I might add. I can see why this film will not satisfy everyone, yet for me it was more than enough and I cannot wait for her next full feature.

Kristina K (fr) wrote: Could've lived without it. Even sweet Lauren Graham didn't make this movie interesting.

Christopher B (gb) wrote: Great film! Really enjoyed this, as will you.

bastet 0 (ca) wrote: Kevin, how could you betray me like this? Find the Hercules costume and then we'll talk again.

Julian A (it) wrote: Mildly entertaining. The comedy would have been better had it been drier. The drama, superficial as it was, conflicted with the banal LOL scenes. In the end, the movie doesn't say anything.

dawnxiris S (gb) wrote: An excellent portrayal of gay adolescence and coming out, Dorian Blues cuts to the heart of abusive homophobic parenting and the strongest bond between friends and brothers. And it's sweet ^^

CJ C (au) wrote: 3 women/3 stories: romantic, eerie, dramatic.

Brett H (de) wrote: War films are a dime a dozen whether they're tackling World War 1, the extremely popular World War 2, the recent battles in the Middle East, or Vietnam, and this particular film focuses on the first major battle between the Americans and the Vietnamese in brutal detail as they were outnumbered 5:1 in the infamous battle of La Drang. Written and directed by Randall Wallace (who also wrote Pearl Harbour and Braveheart), the film paints a highly realistic portrayal of the carnage of war; flipping back and forth between the soldiers fighting in 'Nam and their spouses at home receiving KIA notifications: it's very grim stuff. Mel Gibson stars at Lt. Colonel Hal Moore whose jingoistic intentions to get the job done and protect his men is admirable and is exemplified perfectly when he tells his troops, "I will be the first to set foot on the field, and I will be the last to step off, and I will leave no one behind". The rest of the cast is padded out with familiar faces such as: Greg Kinnear, Sam Elliot, Chris Klein, Keri Russell, Barry Pepper, Madeleine Stowe, etc. while also featuring some surprising appearances from later TV stars, Jon Hamm, Clark Gregg, Ryan Hurst, and Desmond Harrington. In reality, it isn't hard to get big names to appear in war films, but it is still worth noting. As mentioned, the battle scenes are violent, in-your-face, and really hard to watch as you can clearly see how overwhelmed the American soldiers were and how desperate they become when their numbers swiftly drop. There is a scene where a soldier is nearly burned to death by friendly fire and a fellow soldier attempts to carry him out and the skin on his legs literally peels off like ribs on the bone; some horrific imagery for sure. From what I've heard, the facts aren't all the way there (what war film is), but if you enjoy these types of movies and can handle the violence, it's definitely one of the better films to tackle the conflict in Vietnam since, Platoon.

Pia K (nl) wrote: Oijoi, t elokuva jaksaa aina vaan viehtt!! <3

Raine L (fr) wrote: Another of my favorite films. Neve Campbell, Matt Dillon (my teen idol - what happened to him? he used to be so cute), and Kevin Bacon!

Ummu B (br) wrote: Funny movie, I had a huge crush on Banderas at the time. Perhaps if I watch it again now, I might not like it as much.

JY S (ca) wrote: Louis Malle delivers one heck of a film in Zazie dans le metro.Zazie arrives in Paris wanting to see the metro; unfortunately, the workers are on strike. So, instead she runs amuck throughout the rest of Paris. That about sums up the story for this picture. It doesn't sound like much, and it really isn't, but for a film that is just under 90 minutes it delights from beginning to end.Where there is a lack of depth in the story and the characters, the film makes up for in style. The pacing is frantic and so are the camera tricks. Scenes speed up and down, along with the background music, while stop tricks move characters around in the blink of an eye. All this is what makes the film as fun as it is and it eventually leads up to one heck of a bizarre finale. The multiple chase scenes are also worthy of note.Catherine Demongeot is a blast to watch as the foul mouthed Zazie and the rest of the cast find a way to blend right in with the rest of the picture.Zazie dans le metro can be a little annoying with its style and humor, but overall, it is a recommendable French comedic film.

Will D (us) wrote: This movie was alright; was probably tired while watching it.It's Casablanca in Tokyo in a way. Kinda tedious, but theres some moments that are kinda worth watching. If you wanna hear Bogart talk Japanese, this movie's for you.

Jessica M (au) wrote: An oldie, but a goodie.

Bryan P (au) wrote: martin lawrence: no holds barred. completely off script the entire time and obviously high the majority of the film. i especially loved the corny 90's hip hop/break dancing music even thought this movie was made in 2003.

Greg W (es) wrote: ok drama that's kinda murky plot line

Stephen E (fr) wrote: It's not the most exciting or interesting movie out there, and I noticed a homage or two to Chinatown, but thanks to a reliable story, some good acting, and, above all, impeccable direction from Carl Franklin, Devil In A Blue Dress is an enjoyable watch. It's a worthy addition to the neo-noir genre.

Greg G (nl) wrote: The plot has a few holes and the the sci fi portion is not supported by anything other than just because but it looks awesome and the ideas are really fresh. Bottom line is if you like sci fi and cool animation check it out.

Nicholas S (ag) wrote: I still love this movie. id hav cast Seagal as the champ tho.