Boat Trip

Boat Trip

Two straight men mistakenly end up on a "gays only" cruise.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English,Swedish,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:catfight,   dog,   gay stereotype,  

It is a love story about two friends - Jerry and Nick - two best buddies whose love lives have hit rock bottom. Jerry's especially, having just vomited all over his fiancée on a hot air balloon trip prior to proposing to her. To escape their troubles and find women, they book a trip on board a cruise-liner, unaware the travel agent has just played a horrid trick on them in retaliation for Nick offending his secret gay lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frdric H (es) wrote: A very light predictable comedy and drama movie. Pass

Cory O (ca) wrote: Well it's a Canadian movie.

Guido S (ag) wrote: Similar to House on Haunted Hill and The Haunting, a few college aged kids are sent to a mansion that happens to have a spirit in it. They find out they have all killed someone and they try keep the spirit from escaping. This could have been good, but it was a little too slow for me. Takes forever to get going and when it does, it really isn't that interesting.

William B (jp) wrote: The characters are not empathic at all, the landscapes' scenes are the longest I've ever seen, the dialogues are a lack of creativity and the theme of suicide is just not treated, just some words in the end of the movie trying to point out the cons of committing suicide, but it doesn't reach you.

Jose Luis M (us) wrote: Aceptable comedia sobre los choques culturales , para pasar el rato.

Stacie B (nl) wrote: Omgawwwwd awesome! a bit slow in parts but bowie is amazing Ima fan!

M M (au) wrote: Yamamoto's so neat and white and black. i love to hear him talking.

John A (us) wrote: This All-Star Crime Drama, Picks Up Just After The Victim (Richard Widmark) Has Been Found Stabbed To Death Continues To Entertain Till The End Of The Third Act. Although The Film Is Very Dated. The Acting Performances, Script, And Direction Keeps The Viewer Roped In, And Is Definitely Worth A Watch. A Classic Piece Of Cinema Which Features Very Little Flaws.

Carly T (nl) wrote: makes me remeber my mum!

Edith N (mx) wrote: In 1946, when this film was made, the war was still very much on people's minds. (Actually, while IMDB lists the movie as 1946, it also gives a release date of 1947. This is because, for some reason, the release date listed on the main page is the Danish one, which was nearly a full year after the British one.) The bombing that begins our story was a fact of life until very, very recently. You are expected to know how Nurse Esther Sanson (Rosamund John) felt knowing that her mother had been killed in a bombing raid. The fear the characters feel when the planes go overhead is a fear you are expected to know yourself. I, of course, can only think of other war films I've seen, not to mention old episodes of [i]M*A*S*H[/i], which is artillery, not planes, but you know what I mean. A postman, Joseph Higgins (Moore Marriott), is killed in a bombing raid. He is brought to a small hospital, taken into the operating room, given anesthetic, and he dies. One of the nurses who had assisted in the operation (Nurse Woods, played by Megs Jenkins? I had a hard time telling some of the characters apart) declares that it was murder, and she knows who did it. She is ushered away, and that same evening, she is stabbed to death in that selfsame operating room. Inspector Cockrill (Alastair Sim) is brought in to solve the case, and everyone who was in that room is a suspect. It turns out that everyone had a motive for killing Higgins, even though the method by which he is killed remains something of a mystery. However, it seems apparent that he was murdered, or else why was the nurse killed? The reason for the title only truly makes sense in the last few minutes, but once it does, the whole solution seems remarkably obvious. As happens sometimes in mysteries, the obvious solution is thrown out as impossible/impractical, but once more facts are in evidence, the whole thing works out. That can be done poorly, but I think it's done well here. Indeed, everything that happens afterward only makes sense in the light of that one vital piece of evidence that makes the thrown-out solution work. Once that detail is given, you understand why Nurse Whoever-It-Was decided that it was murder, why she was killed, why she was in the operating room when she was killed. Obviously, it takes the inspector most of the way through the movie to work it out, but once he does, the sequence of events seems almost inevitable. I wish some of the characters' identities had been a little clearer. It was obvious that several of the characters--Doctor Barney Barnes (Trevor Howard) and possibly Dr. White (Ronald Adam)?--were competitors for the hand of one of the nurses, but I'm not now clear as to whether it was Nurse Sanson or Nurse "Freddie" Linley (Sally Gray). I'm pretty sure it was Freddie, but I got confused about who was who in the ending, so maybe I'm confused here, too. Most of the nurses were kind of a blur of women in white scrubs. I'm not sure which doctor was the bounder that whoever-she-was should avoid, and I'm not sure it was ever made entirely clear what was off about him. I did manage to mostly keep track of Dr. Barnes, but that's in no small part because he was the British naval officer who orders Cary Grant onto the island in [i]Father Goose[/i]. Most of the time, I get Criterion Collection choices. Even in recent movies. [i]Do the Right Thing[/i] is a major, significant film that will be taught in film school for a very long time. This is one of the choices that I'm a little shakier on--I'd never heard of it before, and it doesn't seem to be that major a film. It's fairly standard stuff, really. It's not actually a compelling film, and none of these people seem to have gone on to careers where I've heard of them. Well, except Trevor Howard, and that's only because of a pretty obscure movie. The only other thing I recognize much-hyped star Alistair Sim from is his version of [i]A Christmas Carol[/i]. Then again, having this in the Criterion Collection does make a heck of a lot more sense than [i]Chasing Amy[/i].

Raji K (ru) wrote: It becomes known information that a snitch (Jeremy Piven) is ready to give information on the mob. As a result there is a one million dollar hit on him and several different assassins and hit squads are out for him in his top story penthouse. FBI partners Ryan Reynolds and Ray Liotta are out to keep him protected from all the various killers. It has some great action and violence and over the top characters. The cast is quite varied from all sorts of entertainment. As Piven rests at the top of the hotel penthouse, each of the assassins has a different method of getting to the top. Force, Stealth, Disguises and Schemes are all different methods. The film has a Tarentino like finish as they climb to the top. Smokin' Aces has some confusing presentation elements, but was overall entertaining.