Bob Funk

Bob Funk

After he's fired from his job -- by his mother, no less -- Bob Funk agrees to quit drinking, see a therapist, and eventually report to a new boss, who might just be the woman of his dreams.

After he's fired from his job -- by his mother, no less -- Bob Funk agrees to quit drinking, see a therapist, and eventually report to a new boss, who might just be the woman of his dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sreekiran M (kr) wrote: A good film. Not in the likes of murder 2, but a well acted, nicely plotted story. Off chance at the box office

rick r (ag) wrote: "Storage 24" is a British sci-fi/horror flick that sees several urban lives converge in personal conflict and true terror from out of this world. The film is directed by Johannes Roberts who manages to create a creature feature that is intense and filled with non-stop adrenaline pumping action. The film stars Noel Clark, Colin O'Donoghue, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Laura Haddock and Jamie Thomas King who play young Londoners who deal with relationship complications while meeting at a local storage yard as one couple deals with a break-up as their best friends give support. During the moment of personal growth experience a very dark and volatile new issue arises as a mysterious object crashes from the sky above and an alien creature escapes from it's container. They soon find themselves fighting against this monstrous entity as they try to escape the storage facility that has become their death trap."Storage 24" is a classic sci-fi nightmare scenario in that unsuspecting people soon find they are easy prey for a creature far more terrifying than the struggles of urban life. The film starts with a casual approach that allows only a small emotional window to become emotionally connected to these characters before the action kicks in. It is enough though to actually realize just the intense dynamic of the group of friends that are trapped in the facility after the crash shuts down the security system locking them in the storage units. The characters are slightly stereotypical and there is nothing new or experimental with how they are scripted but in this film there really doesn't need to be and the actors portray the characters well enough to draw you into their plight. There is friction within them on personal levels which and to the intense drama of the story and the alien effects are above standard as well as the other effects used in this film. The action and atmosphere is standard Brit fashion in that the intensity brings casually then builds into a high speed thrill ride with only dark eerie moments to gather your breath before even bigger moments of intensity explode on screen. The film doesn't add anything new to the creature feature equation that such films offer horror fans but it does show how well the system can be if executed properly. This is one of the better sci-fi/horror films that I have seen since "Alien Raiders". It doesn't try to explain the origin or over complicate the story by adding layers of subplots to the point the film becomes diluted with unnecessary dialogue. The film just exists as a really clean and thrilling story of survival from a truly vicious creature. I really enjoyed this film. It was worth the instant rental price and can't wait to add the DVD to my shelf in January 2013!

Kate M (ag) wrote: Very nice and simple comedy about two stupid childish girls turning into respinsible family business supporters. Fairy tale, but still, very nice.

CJ C (ru) wrote: A gorgeous 30 yr-old English woman, a beautiful 16 yr-old French boy, & an overnight ferry ride. So hot, it sizzles. Luv CB always.

Mike B (ru) wrote: Not good, but you already knew that.

Victoria M (ca) wrote: This film really creeped me out

Serge L (de) wrote: I was expecting something dumb but it was not. Pleasantly surprised that the film had many clues we could understand and play along. Of course it was a bit like Batman, but not all that impossible to guess. Many ironic jokes that were the most obvious at the beginning and then got smarter as we went along. Rather light and funny. Well put together. Scenes with shooting and fire were looking very realistic. Bravo, old chaps!

Anna W (gb) wrote: suprisingly enjoyable remake.will have you dancing away and singing the songs with your mates when too much alcohol has been consumed. watch out for the John Waters cameo

Mark B (us) wrote: holy fucking shit is this movie coolkeitel and pryor and yaphet kotto(after watching this film u will know who he is!!) just rule the screen. Paul Schrader's best film......

Peter F (mx) wrote: Methodical, risky, and poetic in the most subdued way, Akerman's first feature is a minimalist masterpiece.

Joe C (us) wrote: Based on the book by Ben Ames Williams, Leave her to Heaven is a disquieting and creepy melodrama/noir brought to life in Technicolor (!) and a flat out chilling and steel-eyed performance by Gene Tierney. It's an expertly crafted thriller that maintains an uncomfortable sense of paranoia throughout. Suffers from some unevenness at the end. This could make a hell of a PSA for getting to know a girl before you marry her

Adam T (kr) wrote: Not bad despite the casting of Julia Roberts.

Sarah E (kr) wrote: Very emotional story wouldn't call it a horror but it was really good! I recommend.

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