Bob le Flambeur

Bob le Flambeur

Ex-bank robber and gambler, Bob, plans a heist at the Deauville casino.

Bob, a old gangster and gambler is almost broke, so he decides in spite of the warnings of a friend, a high official from the police, to rob a gambling casino in Dauville. Everything is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Igor T (kr) wrote: Very slow-paced romantic drama that is not worth the patience. There are some interesting parts, but only for people who have been to Cairo.

James H (es) wrote: Fair story, I am really mixed on my feelings toward the film. It has some very good moments, but too often it is just heartless and unpleasant and it doesn't mix well with the sweeter side of the film.

Trevor C (it) wrote: Pretty good movie that keeps u on your toes till the end

Sui H (fr) wrote: I loved this movie! It was sincere, funny, romantic, uplifting...totally family friendly. There are a few lines my family even quotes from it. Better yet that it's a true story.

Nate D (it) wrote: I gotta be honest, re-watching it, it isn't that funny. But it has some very memorable moments that make it one of the most quotable movies I've ever seen.

Alexander C (es) wrote: Standard film, mediocre, nothing further, worth one watch or two.

Stuart M (mx) wrote: Bullshit. That's what this film is. It tries sooo hard to make us believe this plot could actually happen. And then it tries to make us care about two utterly unsympathetic jackasses. Joe Pesci is particularly bad as the clever and plainspoken bum. Sure, Fraser is a pompous ass, but stealing his thesis and making him pay you to get it back? Sorry, that's not being the underdog, it's being a thief and an extortionist. And if my liberal heart can't be moved by someone who's so unpleasantly manipulative just because he's homeless (not quite the get out of jail free card they seem to think it is) I can't imagine many others will. And those brilliant professor-humiliating arguments? All heart and no argument. I've heard better from freshmen at decidedly non-Ivy League universities.

Nikki J (us) wrote: "Gotta feed the hole!" Ha! Looooove this movie. Loooooove Gary Oldman.

Steve W (ag) wrote: A young man in Hong Kong tries to make his way selling orange juice, but he gets involved with a nasty gang and they frame him for drug trafficking. After hiding out in America, he becomes disillusioned and becomes an enforcer for a gang. After witnessing his bookish college friend fall into drugs, he vows to change his ways and takes on the whole gang.The movie has some pretty good action scenes, both involving guns and martial arts. The biggest disappointment is that the pacing is very poor, with lots of superfluous scenes going on. They should have gotten to the point a bit faster because i was wondering what was going on with the college friend character.If the pace and script had been tighter it may have been better as a whole package, but this kung fu actioner starring Alexander Fu Sheng is serviceable enough.

Alex S (jp) wrote: Ten seconds in, we see a cyclist peddling with his back to us. Thirty seconds in, he has been killed in a car crash. They could have just ended the film right there and this would have been more effective than 95 percent of the other movies out there. Juan and Maria Jose (who was once engaged to Juan and is now married to Miguel but still enjoys her Juan-time on the side...) were in the car that hit the cyclist and flee. Guilt comes flying into the picture when an upper class butler promises to blackmail Maria Jose, Juan lets his emotions get the better of him at his college geometry teaching job and the whole thing comes crashing down in a critique of Francoist rule and societal divisions. Overall, this is a pretty slick movie with some great performances (Juan and his revolution-launching female student, in particular) and crazy jump cut edits that, while cute, become stupidly close to being a gimmick. But those, coupled with a final two-minute ending studio audiences demanded (trust me, we would have all been much better off without this "WHOA! Juxtaposition and Karma FTW!!!" nonsense tacked on at the end), are not enough to derail this movie that just sort of skates on by with almost no attention paid to it.

Igor A (mx) wrote: odlicen film spored knigata na Stephen King

Scott C (mx) wrote: One of the lamest comedies I've ever seen.