Body Double

Body Double

After losing an acting role and his girlfriend, Jake Scully finally catches a break: he gets offered a gig house-sitting in the Hollywood Hills. While peering through the beautiful home's telescope one night, he spies a gorgeous blonde dancing in her window. But when he witnesses the girl's murder, it leads Scully through the netherworld of the adult entertainment industry on a search for answers -- with porn actress Holly Body as his guide.

Struggling actor Jake Scully's obsession with spying on a gorgeous blonde who later is brutally murdered leads to a baffling series of events with drastic consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rico F (us) wrote: I thought this was poor. The script was rather poorly written and didn't really build up into anything. The acting was even worse. It is a pity as the title of the film was eye-catching and was really keen on watching a movie about the Gypsy community in Ireland. Avoid like the plague. The one positive is the musical score.

Tanvir M (ca) wrote: A weak and cliche story of lovers on the run (though to me it looked like just two pretty people infatuated with each other in the shallowest sense). Would have loved the ending more if it wasn't so obviously 'inspired' by much better films like 'Thelma and Louise'.

Maria D (es) wrote: I don't understand French and I don't usually watch movies that I have to read, but this movie ended up being fun and interesting. It starts of a little awkward and slow. They spent to much time establishing the fact that he wants to go south and not north when it's right there in the movies description. So with the language barrier and the slow start it took a little while to get into it, but once you start to understand the characters a little better and start to get the idea the movie is steering towards it becomes quite charming and a fun cultural experience.

Brody M (ca) wrote: I always LOVE when I watch a low budget movie & it's actually pretty good.Psycho Ward isn't the best horror flick there is but I did enjoy it & if nothing else, It is worth watching at least once

Carlo N (us) wrote: Best Soundtrack EVER! I put it on and turned the volume up LOUD.

William W (de) wrote: This was a very good sequel to a fine zombie work (my favourite zombie film is STILL Jean Rollin's remarkable and extremely aesthetically-pleasing 'The Grapes of Death'), and I was very pleasantly surprised. Pardon the pun, but you would think that by this time, everything in the land of zombie movies would have been done to death, but I remain consistently admiring of just where the best and most thought-out renditions of the template can go. In THIS case, the most intriguing dynamic is a cowardly husband choosing his life rather than helping his wife out of a horrible crisis, then infanticide (or worse) of his own children, rather than face their wrath over the poor decision he had made.It's interestingly hilarious that when you think about it, humanity is doomed because a 12-year-old had to go back and get a picture of his mother, because he was afraid that without it, he would forget what she looked like...A surprisingly satisfying work, that for horror fans, is worth a purchase and rewatching. I'm admittedly more for classic films, from the 20's to 60's, but for contemporary horror cinema, I liked this a lot, especially Jeremy Renner and Imogen Poots. It's no surprise to me that they soon became superstars.

Ragavendan V (jp) wrote: SHANKAR uses SAME OLD FORMULA

Greg T (ag) wrote: Racing Stripes is a harmless, affable movie that kids will probably really enjoy, and some adults will appreciate a few of the jokes. It's a bit of a shame it's so forgettable then.

Jon H (au) wrote: After searching for several years, I came across this purely by accident in a local supermarket and was pleasantly surprised. Harvey Keitel is supurb as usual and a mob enforcer/classical pianist(!). To reveal more here would spoil much.

Helen B (ru) wrote: great movie even now

Drago C (us) wrote: Quite a good time waster with a ton of visual panache, especially for 1995. Lord of Illusions features a great script that starts as a detective story but isn't afraid to step outside the confines of the classic plot progression. Bakula's detective is haunted, Famke Janssen's dame to kill for is surprisingly multifaceted and Kevin J. O'Connor's magician is even more haunted than the detective. But it's the villains that make it a Barker piece and the villains are fantastic, especially Daniel von Bargen as the satanic cult leader that is the ultimate antagonist. Also to note that like in many of Barker's movies there is a strong current of homoeroticism going through the entire movie, something dare i say it, refreshing in today's standard hero gets girl/ monsters and bewbs cinema climate.All in all, Lord of Illusions is a good, marginally scary but entertaining story with Barker's fingerprints all over. Worth a watch.

Barney o (kr) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: I cried, I smiled and I laughed. 'Love actually' is the very peak of this genre; a classy, emotionally rewarding, thematic and genuinely hilarious ride. This is only made possible though because it's incredible cast all bring their A-games; bringing to life each well-developed character to the extent that you really care about each one. As a result this film could also be considered a lesson in handling multiple characters in one space whilst still making narrative sense, for it succeeds hugely there too.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Having said that (whilst you could argue that love is the grounding feature here) it's narrative has no obvious central points to grab hold of.VERDICT: It's a wonder it's so good when it's so chock-full, but this is by far the best rom-com I've seen in a while. What a surprisingly charming movie.

Chris R (es) wrote: 'Octopussy' is one of the last Bond films with Roger Moore and while it's a better film than a lot of his other films, it's not the best Bond film and one I don't go back to very often. The story's setting seems to be a rehash of 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' and it just feels like an obvious cash in on the genre. Moore was beginning to get on in age at this point and it does indeed show with him just playing the part with very little luster and it really hurts the film. The film's comedic moments also don't help the film a whole lot either. However, the film has many good moments too. Like I said before, It is a lot better than say 'Live and Let Die' or 'Moonraker' and while 'Octopussy' is a Bond film I wouldn't go back to very often I do tend to pick it up more often than films like 'Moonraker'. I also enjoyed the villains of the film and the action scenes are top notch as always. For this one, I'd recommend a buy for Bond fans only. For others, I would say a very 'Low Rent'.

Clare M (es) wrote: This film was even better than I expected...I had expected it to be a sort of "journey comedy" story, mostly focusing on the difficulty of having the Bride's brother "The Machine" at The Stag party. (Why they felt they had to rename this for the US market is beyond me. They do call them Stags here, too...) Well, it's much more than just a comedy, it's ... sort of like a Hollywood buddy comedy --the type where things keep going wrong and the fun is seeing our heros react to them--got crossed with an Independent film about a group of men who get together on a weekend and, through adversity and unexpected honesty, they all become much closer--and somehow it mixes these two 'genres' together very lightly so you have a very funny, but also very touching film that, due to the addition of more serious material becomes much more memorable and special. Andrew Scott easily carries out his leading man duties, and there are a few scenes --one in particular where he sings by the fire, and the song is essentially an exposition of his character's history and secret... the amount of emotion and 'story' told simply by his body language and expressions during that song was incredible. Really recommend this one, it was fun. I'll be buying it on DVD (and if they don't release it on DVD in the US, I'll just buy the UK version.)

Rob B (us) wrote: De las pelculas animadas ms estpidas y mezquinas que he visto