Body Troopers

Body Troopers

A little kid shrinks himself so that he can travel into the body of his grandfather. Here he has to kill the kidney-stone his grandfather is suffering from.

A little kid shrinks himselfs so that he can travel into the body of his grandfather. Here he has to kill the kidney-stone his grandfather is suffering from. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ginger A (nl) wrote: Everyone should see it!!!

Wayne H (mx) wrote: We live in a 3D universe but according to String Theory there is 11 dimensions: what if... This is a must see animated movie. And the message is really deep. I recommend this it'll make you think in so many different ways.

Nico S (it) wrote: Very quotable and ridiculous at some parts but that's what makes the movie fun to watch. Rowdy Piper wasn't the best actor but he worked really well in the movie and his delivery for those classic lines are stellar.

Veronica R (it) wrote: Absolutely wonderful!

Four Star F (us) wrote: This is a musical adaption of the classic The Philadelphia Story and it boast a stellar cast as well including Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Louis Armstrong. It is light-hearted and not quite as good as Philadelphia Story but it still is worth watching if you like classic musicals.

Steve W (jp) wrote: This movie won an Oscar for the script, and I had to see this western because it has Spencer Tracy and directed by Edward Dymytryk. Its less of a western in the sense that its more of a family drama. Three sons want to take over the ranch when the father's health dwindles, and the good half breed son takes the fall and is imprisoned in his father's stead. Upon his release he seeks revenge. There's some good scenes with Tracy and Robert Wagner, but not a lot of action. Its more about family dynamics rather than gunfights, so its a different change of pace for a western.

Matt H (it) wrote: Interesting indictment of the Japanese government and how it kept its citizens under strict censure before and during the war. It's also a message to the people who lived through and supported the repressive regime.

Sanity Assassin (gb) wrote: seeing double isn't scary

adam b (it) wrote: Its enjoyable enough, but very unoriginal. Felt like I'd seen some of the scenes and heard some of the lines a thousand times before. Bill Bailey was pretty cool though.

Russell H (au) wrote: I must say, the corpse bride is hot!

Eduardo D (ag) wrote: i love this movie so much!

Ratri K (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this movie.... unique plot and the audience laughed in some scene, especially the culture shock..