A cop on suspension is framed for murder when he noses in on a murder investigation.

Homicide detective Mike Carter is tossed off the police force for insubordination and violating regulations. He reluctantly takes a job as bodyguard to Mrs. Gene Dysen, the owner of a local... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis L (de) wrote: Despite its formulaic script, Soar into the sun has some great moments. It's nice to have some story to a movie instead of just mindless action scenes with planes.

dalia m (kr) wrote: i love thiss movie it soo sadd!

Hadassa C (es) wrote: Una perspectiva de la guerra contra los rabes que mucho debera de ver.

Steve D (ru) wrote: Judge Dredd this is not. Just another over the top Stallone clunker that ignores its sorce material for loud obnoxious action (+ some terrible Rob Schneider moments to break up the explosions).

Alasdair B (ca) wrote: What started out as great is now greatly terrible. With a dumb plot and bad acting, "TMNT 3" is dumb. Its over the top, has bad dialog, and an uninteresting story. Time travel? Really? I think if the series had kept the original director, things would have gone better and we would've gotten better sequels.

Tyler B (au) wrote: One of the better southern slice of life movies. Shows the values of friendship and womanhood are intertwined to create a great film. One of the few chick flicks I love due to the combo of awesome acting, great story, and southern charm.

Stephen M (it) wrote: A disappointing giallo. The premise is relatively strong - an American journalist in Prague is discovered in a cataleptic stupor, mistaken for dead and delivered to the morgue; will he snap out of it before his own autopsy? - but the flashback story binding the thing together, some random guff about a missing girlfriend and a group of Satanists, is thoroughly dreary and too short on incident. Distinguished only by the presence of Ingrid Thulin and a below-par Morricone score, the best I can say of Short Night of Glass Dolls is that, like many another giallo (The Perfume of the Lady in Black, The House with Laughing Windows, etc), at least it has the courage of its own grisly convictions; the ending is almost worth waiting for.

Eric H (br) wrote: Few films have the social significance of this one. Not only for its powerful message, but the fact that it is a glimpse into a world we know little about.

Kevin N (gb) wrote: A strange film where horrendous acting is wrapped inside layers of sheer technical genious, particularly in the sound department. One of the forerunners of sound cinema, Mamoulian's tragic melodrama works because of a carefully structured script and scenes of enveloping entertainment. It's hard to imagine the kind of impact this revolutionary "sound perspective" had on movie-goers, but the work that went into the craft is still impressive today, along with the sucker punch finale of the story.