Virgil Guppy buys a sleek-looking used Jaguar, but the car turns out to be a lemon. Unfortunately, that's just the start of his problems; a dead prostitute is discovered in the trunk, and Virgil is accused of her murder. Aided by a dysfunctional family of thieves, unorthodox police procedure and some clever body work of his own, he sets out to clear his name.

The luckless Virgil Guppy has been framed for murder and is now a fugitive. Aided by a dysfunctional family of thieves, unorthodox police procedure and some clever body work of his own, he sets out to clear his name. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bodywork torrent reviews

Tom B (de) wrote: This movie becomes available on Netflix Tuesday. I'll be watching with a few people who only heard of Andrew after he died, but whose curiosity I have piqued over the last year or so. I feel sorry for the "professional" critics who are so imprisoned in their ideological boxes that they were compelled - every single one here - compelled to dismiss this film, not to mention its subject. It must feel like wearing a straitjacket to be locked up inside their skin.

Dylan M (kr) wrote: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is an adaption from the world famous book written by Stieg Larrson. It tells the story of a fiancial reporter hired Swedish industrialist looking to redeem himself from his past actions by solving a family murder mystery. I thought this film was really well done. David Fincher's dark take on the films story benefited the movie in so many ways. The entire tone and theme of the film is so creepy and chilling in so many scenes but it is so fantastic to watch. Daniel Craig and Rooney Marra are terrific. Both actors are extremely devoted to their roles making them very convincing and believable. Their chemistry on screen also binds perfectly with each other, both two dark mysterious characters that I really enjoyed watching. The films pace is also remarkably fast. You would think a film nearly three hours long will drag at times or get really slow, but not this one. I was completely invested into the story getting fed with engaging dialogue and gritty details. I also loved the visual aspect of the film. The cold snowy scenes really added to chilling, dark perspective Fincher was going for. If I could nitpick a little, I'd say towards the last 15-20 minutes dragged on just a tad but that's about it. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with stellar performances, great visuals, and a thrilling story that anybody will appreciate.

Cat B (us) wrote: Heartbreaking drama that shows just how cruel teenage girls can be,and the effects it has on people and friendships.

bill s (au) wrote: Good British talent on a poor animation production.

Mike V (ca) wrote: This epic historical film pays close attention to detail but at nearly 3 hours is too long. There are too many themes, many of which are poorly explored, resulting in the film changing direction often and suddenly. I also felt that many of the scenes and sets felt more like I was watching a stage production than a movie. AAN 1001

David S (jp) wrote: Hall Pass is first and foremost meant to be a comedy, and that is exactly where it fails. With little to no moments of true genuinely funny moments, it tries a commentary on marriage and accepted adultery. It loses itself in this message as well. The movie has few redeemable features, glossing over crude moments, blending a cliche trope of characters, and an embarrassment for the key actors. Hall Pass can be easily passed over for anything better.

Federico F (de) wrote: Penoso continuo della saga di uno dei personaggi pi famosi d'Inghilterra. Pessima interpretazione di Daniel Craig e pessima trama che va fuori dalle solite avventure del mitico James Bond alias 007