Boiler Room

Boiler Room

A college dropout gets a job as a broker for a suburban investment firm, which puts him on the fast track to success, but the job might not be as legitimate as it sounds.

A college dropout gets a job as a broker for a suburban investment firm, which puts him on the fast track to success. But the higher up the ladder he rises, the deeper he sinks into a quagmire of dirty dealings, until he's breaking the law in order to keep his bosses happy and his paychecks coming. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marilee A (ca) wrote: You know how when a film is so bad you forget you've seen it? Unless you really like B ( more like C) movies, don't bother

Jim L (ag) wrote: Pretty good indie film!

billy g (us) wrote: it was a good movie , just didnt say much about the hurricane

Amanda H (kr) wrote: I was glad Ashlee Simpson didn't have a more major role in this movie, considering the fact that I can't stand her. This movie is incredibly slow-moving and predictable, but Steven Strait and the music make it worth seeing.

Leon B (ru) wrote: Review:I was expecting this movie to show the last days of Kurt Cobain and his relationship with his wife Courtney Love, who was accused of the murder, but all if shows is him and a few mates, mashed up in a house in the middle of nowhere. There is hardly any talking so there isn't much explanation about what the hell is going on. To be honest, I found the whole movie to be quite depressing and morbid. Maybe that was the message that the director wanted to get across about his last days! Anyway, for entertainment, this movie was definitely a waste of time but it does deal with a certain state of mind which is hard to come to terms with. Disappointing!Round-Up:It's weird, because the whole film was basically about Kurt Cobain's last days, but the director has used different names for the characters and he puts a message at the end saying that the characters were fictional, so what was the film actually about? I think director just used the information that he had, which wasn't that much, and he predicted his last days but that's not to say that it was true. Anyway, I would like to see what really happened but I know that it a touchy subject because there are many law suits still pending. Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $2.5millionI recommend this movie to people who are into Kurt Cobain and and who wondered who he came to take his own life. 2/10

Nathan M (nl) wrote: A powerful movie about a great young man. Even if you don't follow rap music this is just a well told story and it's made all the more haunting because it's completely narrated by Tupac himself by using interviews and recordings of him throughout his life. A lot of footage I had never seen before.

Nonya B (ca) wrote: This flick was alright not the best but alright.

Jim B (ru) wrote: Four or five really wonderful performances top a tremendous script about a part of life and a part of the world rarely approached in Hollywood films. And Jerry Goldsmith's score is one of the greatest pieces of music in film history.

Stacie (ru) wrote: Keep your eyes open for Spalding Gray.

Michael Y (es) wrote: Made in the days where scandalous romance stories where what attracted American's, and what made Billy Wilder a popular director, Love in the Afternoon is a pretty misleading title, but with good stars. The forever beauty, Audrey Hepburn, stars as the daughter of a private detective who specializes on sex scandals. Overhearing one of the detective's customer's plan on shooting the man who is having an affair with his with, she goes out to warn him. She discovers that the man she saves is shallow and a playboy, but she still seems to fall for him. But can she make the playboy fall for her? Love in the Afternoon is a very misleading title indeed because there's very little love seen between the characters. It does appeal to be a little sexy romp between two characters, but this romantic comedy is far from romantic, and not quite as funny as I would expect from a Billy Wilder film. This movie is more like a tale of obsession. Though it appears it doesn't appeal to me, none the less this story is a nice constructed one and a pretty good story unviels from it. Billy Wilder does his magic once again. His style of filmmaking with sets is always the best looking classic filmmaking style. Beautiful set designs and costumes create great character, and the use of lighting and cinematography gives the movie a surreal, romantic edge to it all. Frankly though I think Billy Wilder may have downplayed himself in this movie. This movie seems a bit safer than other yearlier movies he had made. But none the less the Billy Wilder magic exists, with all the romantic moments and comedic moments combined with wonderful cinematography. I'm not quite sure about this movie. Audrey Hepburn is wonderful to watch as always, but this movie's story doesn't quite cut it. It seems far too much the same as other scandalous movies of it's era, it's not a good moral story, and by the end it just doesn't seem real. But it does have it's magical cinematic moments.

CHICAGO CUBBIE GIRL (br) wrote: I like the chemistry between Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland. They're great together.

Tess F (br) wrote: I know that the special effects are cheesy compared to todays, but the storyline is great. I wish they would re-make this movie with modern standards--there are not enough great time-travel movies out there.