Bol is a roller coaster of emotions, yet carries subtleties that make your heartbeat stop. Based in the heart of Lahore, the story takes place in a house full of daughters, with vibrancy of life, yet restrictions on blooming. It questions the worth of a human being, may it be a woman or a person born with a birth defect. It questions the authority of reproducing human beings into this world without taking responsibility of acknowledging their worth. Bol takes you through a journey into the life of this family experiencing their troubles, sufferings, resolves and high points. As family members take decision to solve their problems they step into deeper troubles. The complexity of their circumstances becomes a struggle of life and death.

A female convict on death row, her last wish is to tell her story to the media. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew F (br) wrote: Unusually good film on the Horror channel.

Grant R (es) wrote: A brutal but effective thriller that holds a steady pace and keeps things interesting all the way to the very end. There were a few things throughout the movie that didn't make much sense plot wise, and I believe there was a bit too much added "filler" brutality. The ending will not please many, but Eden Lake is still more than the average movie in it's genre.

Tiger L (ca) wrote: Extremely entertaining and very intense

Syrina A (de) wrote: I disagree with the other reviewers, i found this movie hilarious. Sword fights, sex, and naked cant go wrong with that. It is something to watch when you want a good laugh, i highly recommend it to anyone who likes movies with a good sense of humor and a dirty mind. I guess i can see why people relate it to an american pie, but i dont think thats a bad thing.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Horrible filming and acting with terrible effects makes this film one of the worst I've ever seen.

Ross K (us) wrote: A brilliantly multi-layered film that is captivating in it's subtle depth. Unprecedented characterization. At no point in the film will you be able to predict what the characters will do next.

Markus S (it) wrote: Cute, but should've been another direct to DVD Olsen film.

lord o (ca) wrote: a intersting concept

Bex H (fr) wrote: Great story, cute look at the lives of lesbian, transgender, and bisexual individuals. Some cute humor and good old fashioned love stories.... well not so old fashioned haha...

Thomas P (it) wrote: A clear predecessor to the Pirates of the Caribbean, and a better than average pirate movie led by a Geena Davis.Oddly tho it was cool to pan when it hit theatres, but its a decent pirate flick.Lush and sumptuous cinematography, thunderous slo-mo stunts, and a few corny chuckles should have carried it, but it didn't.My improvements are as follows:a more compelling script - as to find the treasure to SAVE her pirate father and his reputation. And more fun with the characters like Caribbean - espec the overly bland villain here, and the wasted talents of Chris Masterson who later proved his hilarious comic chops on Malcolm in the Middle.The only other thing I could find missing here was a connection to Davis who carries the whole film, yet doesn't have a compelling enough reason to find the treasure, and misses out on enjoying the peripheral characters the way Caribbean does. It meanders overall - deadly for an action movie.Davis has fun and does her best, but she's not shown as smart or witty enough.Modine steals his scenes playing a perfectly pitched Flynn Rider character ala Disney's Tangled.Worth a look on a lazy afternoon.3 shivered timbers out of 5

Jonathan S (ca) wrote: If you love Billy Crystal and LOLing this is a must see.

Kori H (au) wrote: I love Abbott and Costello!

Steve M (nl) wrote: Despite some extreme measures that adventurer Hugh 'Bulldog' Drummond (Howard) and his friends take to stop him from being drawn into yet another adventure that will ruin the plans for his wedding, Fate once again intervenes. When his fiance, Phyllis Clavering (Angel), witnesses the kidnapping of Scotland Yard's Colonel Nielsen (Warner) by notorious freelance spy Richard Lane (Naish), Drummond and the gang persue the bad guys all the way to Morocco to rescue him. "Bulldog Drummond in Africa" is one of the very best in the series released by Paramount Pictures. It's got some of the best gags (Drummond and Tenny, trapped in Rockingham Lodge without pants and money to keep Drummond from being lured into trouble, doing Scottish dances in improvised kilts to entertain themselves gives even more entertaiment for the viewers), it's got the most suspenseful storyline so far (with everyone being placed in extreme mortal danger during the unfolding story, and Drummond and the entire gang having one of their most narrow escapes ever). From its opening scene to the final fade-out, the film moves along at lightning pace, never letting off on the banter, action, or antics. On the acting front, Howard, Clive, and Denny return as the characters they've played in previous films, and they do their usual excellent jobs. Denny's character of Algy Longworth (the undisputed champion in the Upperclass Twit Olympics) has a little more to do in this film, and viewers who might have started to wonder why Drummond tolerates him, can start to understand why. Also, Heather Angel and J. Carroll Naish return to the series with this episode, Angel resumes the role of Phyllis Clavering (which she played in "Bulldog Drummond's Escape"), while Naish appears as a different bad guy than he played previously. Both are excellent in their parts, with Angel delivering a more energetic Clavering than Louise Campbell did in the intervening three films. (Campbell did a good job, but I prefer Angel's Phyllis.) Naish, meanwhile, is playing a far more interesting, competent, and evil villian than the one he portrayed in "Bulldog Drummond Comes Back". He has some nice lines, and the always jovial demeanor of Richard Lane, who is a murderous sociopath, makes for a bad guy who is fun to watch, particularly in interplay with new series regular H.B. Warner, who takes over the role of Colonel Nielsen from John Barrymore. With Warner joining the cast, Nielsen returns to the sort of character he was in the first couple of films. It's hard to say whether Nielsen was badly written in "Bulldog Drummond's Peril", but here the character is back in form, and the calm, upper-lip-so-stiff-it-must-be-made-of-bone fashion he deals with Lang and his spy collegues makes it clear why Nielsen and Drummond are good friends. Nielsen is far more than just a former Army officer and high-level government official--he's every bit the hardcase adventurer as Drummond, and we get to see that in this film, even if he is basically the "damsel in distress." I recommend this film to fans of 1930s and 1940s pulp fiction tales, adventure films, and even those who enjoy the "Indiana Jones" movies. While this isn't a good point at which to start the series, those who have seen one or more of the earlier films should note that as of the fifth entry, this series is still on an upward quality climb. There are few other movie series that can be said about. (About the "Indiana Jones" comparison...I don't know exactly what was looked to for inspiration for that series, but the "Bulldog Drummond" films continue to remind me more strongly of "Indiana Jones" than any others I've seen.) Bulldog Drummond in Africa Starring: John Howard, E.E Clive, J. Carroll Naish, Heather Angel, Reginald Denny, and H.B. Warner Director: Louis King

Huw G (it) wrote: Almost a great satire, but it's as if the life was drained from it. There's clearly some clever writing gone into it, but each time it's about to build on itself, instead it does the very thing it's supposed to be satirising, and dumbs back down again! Plenty of social commentary, but the big message has been comprehensively stifled.