The complicated relationship between an ambitious, ruthless nightclub dancer and the woman he loves.

This is the story of an egotistical nightclub dance performer named Raoul, his determination to succeed at all costs, and the only woman in his life that truly matters to him, a dancing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bolero torrent reviews

David T (jp) wrote: A very generous 2.5/5 stars.

Mike V (gb) wrote: As low key coming of age stories go, it was good-natured enough, and presented a pleasant, somewhat idyllic, view of rural France, but I never felt as invested in the story as I would have liked. Some story lines were hinted at--such as the relationship between the girl's mother and the Italian priest--but didn't really go anywhere. The grandfather was partly presented for laughs, partly for pathos, but I can't say I laughed or cried that much at what transpired with him. All in all a noble effort, but it fell somewhat short of what I think it was aiming at.

Corley J (ru) wrote: ok this movie if you watch the first 15 minutes you see the movie ti just keep doing the same thing over and over again not a fan of this one

Kris V (it) wrote: Peculiar no-budget indie sci-fi comedy about a scientist that freezes himself for 15 years so that he can date a young girl he just met without the age difference being a problem. Quirky and original, but lacking on many levels like acting and script.

Michael L (gb) wrote: Can't give a 5.But a great movie for any gun enthusiast

Jeff B (kr) wrote: An extremely low-budget film that borders on documentary at times, and overly preaches often.

Tatiana M (ag) wrote: One word: Ridiculous. In every single movie we see Jean-Claude kicking some asses and saving the world at the end. Of course Russians and Chinese are always the bad guys. So clich! Boring!

Bill B (au) wrote: Gave this a re-watch as part of my normal Halloween marathon, was surprised to realize how much the last story (the Zuni Fetish doll) over-shadows the rest of the film, honestly to the point that the other two tales felt almost new to me.The first two stories aren't bad, though they do have a slightly predictable feeling to them, ala classic horror from EC Comics or something along those lines, but the final story really brings it home.Well worth a look.