Bolívar, el hombre de las dificultades

Bolívar, el hombre de las dificultades


The Second Republic has fallen miserably. Simon Bolivar arrives to Jamaica without money or friends, seeking help from other nations to free Venezuela. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bolívar, el hombre de las dificultades torrent reviews

Annabelle M (kr) wrote: They don't make romantic actions like that anymore!

Courtney B (ru) wrote: A very fun movie for kids only.

Jay A (mx) wrote: I love this movie I watch it when I am sad and this cheers me up every time

Tim M (us) wrote: They aren't teens, but it is dark and offbeat. A Mexican Pulp Fiction with subtitles that leave out informacion.

Lee V (fr) wrote: Look at the cast, then look at the synopsis.

Richard L (ca) wrote: .5 of a star this movie and all the other killer tomatoe movies both suck and blow at the same time... sometimes i'll watch any old crap.

Michael D (nl) wrote: The controversy (incest) is more memorable than the film itself but worth a watch.

Aster G (es) wrote: Kathy Bates is the perfect psychopathic nurse.

David L (ag) wrote: Well it's taken 30 years, but I've now been forced to watch this, as apparently it was a sin not to have seen it by now. Probably an even bigger sin that I've hardly seen any of Tom Cruise's movies I'm guessing?! Nothing against him, but they often strike me as being rather plain, middle of he road type stories which I can take or leave. Given that I had at least heard of this, I'm guessing it was going to be one of his better ones, and it was certainly passable - a hot shot pilot and his partner in crime training to be the best of the best as they glide through the training regimes with flying colours. It's unbelievably cheesy to say the least, what with the outfits, the soundtrack, and the banter amongst all the rookies - it's got an 80's stamp all over it. It's highly predictable but what 80's film isn't, so when tragedy strikes, it's not so much emotional, than corny, but this just wouldn't be complete without its high's and its lows. It's got a real Alpha male vibe to it, littered with arrogant characters, sexual tension and plenty of flight time. It's occasionally difficult to track who's who in the fast paced stunts as the helmets mask the faces, but other than Maverick, Goose, and Iceman, all the other characters are largely forgettable anyway. It's certainly a different type of genre to what I'm used to seeing, and admittedly it was very watchable. I'm certainly glad I'm over my top gun hoodoo, but it's not screaming at me to watch it again anytime soon, not even for my wingman!

Marrick A (us) wrote: Hard to watch. The worst movie I've ever seen Hackman act in.

Mark P (ag) wrote: The original (and least known) mafia film.

Dane W (nl) wrote: Again, this one is mediocre. "Alien Resurrection" just seems like a film that's milking the franchise. It's okay with it's action, but the chemistry from the first two is gone.

Malia M (nl) wrote: spderman suck and monster high rock like girls rock boy durles

Simon P (jp) wrote: Kinky and intelligent cinematic homage/twisted love story.

R J (es) wrote: Loved this movie! Hilarious!

Phil H (ru) wrote: The Mike Tyson story this could be, Mr Chambers (Rhames) goes to jail for an accusation of rape and becomes an even bigger media typhoon than he was before. At first I didn't think much of the film to be honest, it was cliched and kinda boring really plus Rhames as 'Chambers' was an annoying character who you wanted to see beaten.I soon discovered that my feelings towards Chambers actually fuelled my enjoyment as the film continues and Snipes character 'Monroe' comes into play. The tense build up between the two up to the obvious finale does get you going. Lets not get over excited here this is your typical 'Rocky-ish' story with all the usual characters, dialog and scenes, not original but a good beat em up when the fists fly. The final fight is well done and you do feel the blows as Snipes and Rhames match up and sweat over each other, I'm pretty sure Rhames would win in a real fight though as he looks pretty darn solid.