Bølle Bob - Alle tiders helt

Bølle Bob - Alle tiders helt


In this second film revolving around the character Bølle Bob, the town mayor and Miss Friis, the stuck-up headmistress, plan to raze Lilleby School to the ground. And it¿s up to Bølle Bob, the class clown, to take charge. Aided by the aging rock musician Valde, Bølle Bob and all his friends put on a musical to recruit new students, so their endangered school can survive. But the mayor and Miss Friis soon reach into their bag of dirty tricks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordi G (us) wrote: Terrible film, couldn't watch it till the end. Boring, disgusting and not funny at all.

Janet M (br) wrote: Forgien films also go WAYYYY over my head!!

G w (kr) wrote: Best gunfight scene ever. ..

Lo L (it) wrote: So dumb! I actually feel dumber for having watched it. Not at all clever. Not that conscious of women as people rather than objects or merely types. And trying super hard to be quippy and clever and hip. But failing. Also, super 90's- from the clothes to the websites. This has nothing to do with the badness of the movie, just an aside.

rosina c (mx) wrote: A fun teen comedy with a little twist. it takes place in England and is better than a lot teen movies.

Robert L (au) wrote: I am a member of the Not-Funny Diarrhea Club.

Bill B (jp) wrote: Final installment (for now?) of the series returns to more of a 'believable' killer, with nary a rockabilly singer in sight, making for a middling entry in the series.Again, worth a look as part of the set of the 3 films, just because of the old 'in for a penny, in for a pound' rationalization.Give it a peep.

Katrina J (nl) wrote: I saw this movie a while ago. I thought it was okay. I enjoyed while I saw it because I am intersted in Anastasia and things. But the acting is awful to be honest. I don't think there is enough changes in the woman's face who play the mainrole.She keeps the same face though the whole movie.

Terrence R (ru) wrote: NOT FOR THE SUICIDAL =- FIFTY MOST DEPRESSING AND EXISTENTIAL MOVIES OF ALL TIME. OK, this is the one I have only seen once -- it's that depressing! Like the Exorcist, this one establishes a air of confinement, depression and sadness before it gets to its main action and its horrific ending! Honestly -- I dare not watch it again!

Santosh N (br) wrote: A movie about the serious business of running governments and taking the tough decisions.

Joetaeb D (jp) wrote: Monster house takes a simple horror movie premise and trims it down for families. Surprisingly this doesn't hurt the film which finds it's own balance of horror and comedy