Bollywood Calling

Bollywood Calling

An alcoholic, cancer-ridden American film-maker decides to produce a Bollywood movie.

An alcoholic, cancer-ridden American film-maker decides to produce a Bollywood movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mathieu V (jp) wrote: En tant de crise, a peut soulager un moment.

Vincent L (br) wrote: Visually brilliant and verbally silent. Memory, reality and dream of a mentally ill patient.

Jurate P (ru) wrote: Enjoyable acting, Parisian bohemian life, some incredible scenes with nice music. i recommend it!

Robin N (au) wrote: I don't care what critics say, this is one of my favorite suspense movies ever.It has LOADS of depth that allows you to get more out of it with each time you watch.Perhaps it's only true weakness is the above. Watching it once doesn't give you the full experience and a "Basic Virgin" may have trouble following all the twists and turns this movie takes.

Shelly C (kr) wrote: good movie - just bought it!

Zelyaine T (ag) wrote: Delightful, unpretentious film. Licia Maglietta does a superb job playing a character like the person in all of us who occasionally just wants to wing it away and depart from the smothering doldrums of daily life.

Graeme H (jp) wrote: A formulaic vehicle for Katie Holmes coming off of Dawson's Creek, it's memorable only for making Michael Keaton president of the United States and for its star's current infamy.

Crispin B (ca) wrote: Weird how negative are the reviews of this film. Perhaps a problem of confused expectations? I am pretty cynical at the best of times, but I found the autistic boy played by Miko Hughes endearing, Bruce Willis as the concerned adult a solid and convincing performance, and the story extremely moving. Sure, there is not so much of them, but the action scenes are still good, there is a lot of suspense, and the musical score is excellent. Maybe people were expecting a straightforward Die Hard sequel. That it is not, but it is an absorbing film nonetheless.

Soheil W (nl) wrote: The worst series ever made!!!!! There are actually 7 episodes. INSANE!!!

Joel B (kr) wrote: not even close to how good the book is, but still a good movie.

Tom V (us) wrote: This is by far one of the best films ever made! Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine are truly amazing!! This movie came out in 1979 and the story is still relevant today. I could watch this film over and over again and never get bored. This was Peter Sellers last movie and every time I watch it I can't help but think what his life must have been like and what was going on in his head. It has been said by many, including Sellers, that he did not know who he was as a person, and that he had no identity. He was his characters, he went his whole life struggling with drugs, alcohol and other cast members / costars....trying to figure it all out.

Peter A (ag) wrote: When is this coming out on DVD?

Jarrett G (mx) wrote: A vehicle for R.Williams to do his manic character rambling bit. Some funny moments with nothing else remarkable.

Adam W (mx) wrote: Fantasy action nonsense, probably a wet dream for 12 year olds but rather stupid if youre grown up..

domenico t (es) wrote: It's so fakely heartfelt it's heartless. So overfilled with fillers it's empty. So fast-paced it's the slowest movie I've ever seen.I am angry, frustrated and a bit more cynical.Surely much more prone to go out and chop some damn trees down.