Bollywood Villa

Bollywood Villa

This film revolves around the inexplicable murders during the shooting of a film. And as the film progresses, the story unfolds and so does the mystery.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:124 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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A perfect murder, A perfect crime, A perfect plan, A perfect revenge - Welcome to Bollywood Villa. The movie not only depicts the glory , glamor, magnitude attached to the Indian film ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bollywood Villa torrent reviews

Angela R (us) wrote: Really great documentary, but prepared to get mad at the details of such an inept investigation. Such a sad story for all those boys, and even now you can hardly say justice was served. Also depressing to think about how many lower-profile cases there are out there where the innocent don't have Eddie Vedder to help set them free....I recommend it for anyone with interest in this sort of thing, even if you've already seen the Paradise Lost films.

Ana G (jp) wrote: marf pas extraordinaire, mais pas catastrophique non plus !

Justin B (jp) wrote: Tedious, halfbaked and dispensable thriller that takes far too long to pick up. Even the crapfest 'While She Was Out' was better than this.

Frank P (nl) wrote: powerful movie and powerful message...not quite as good as american history x but still is incredibly moving.

Claire T (es) wrote: I didn't like this movie, I thought it was crap, I thought the original crocodile Dundee films were best, it was an ok movie

Peter N (au) wrote: Not as charming as the original, and considerably darker. It almost feels like Babe's journey into the depths of hell.

TheScarlatescu R (au) wrote: pretty good considering the low budget

Don D (kr) wrote: I couldn't finish watching this crapfest. I got up to the ripped off Star Wars quote and just couldn't take any more. The soundtrack was also laughably out-of-place.

Evelyn M (it) wrote: Brutal, visually spectacular story of a warrior who becomes a monk. A little too violent for my taste although there are some funny moments.

Sean L (jp) wrote: Somehow Road House had a baby with the very campiest of 1960s Hong Kong, and John Carpenter signed on to direct (plus compose the soundtrack). Wildly entertaining, and self-aware enough to embrace the sheer lunacy of mysically-powered gang warfare amidst the nooks and crannies of Chinatown, it's no wonder this would become such a cult classic. Kurt Russel is dead-perfect as Jack Burton, the brash, headstrong, somewhat confused would-be hero who doesn't realize he's actually the sidekick. As one might expect, things get carried away somewhere between the first trap elevator and the second (must've been a deal at the villainous super-mart this week) but that's actually for the best: Big Trouble is most in its element when it casts aside mere storyline concerns, flies off the handle and embraces its ridiculous side. The plot is simplistic and the fight scenes aren't all that great - too many jump cuts and blunt-handed effects - but the mood is a direct hit and it's certainly never tame. When it comes to the final confrontation, it's more about quick reflexes than martial arts anyway. A board-dumb classic of the bombastic '80s action scene, and one of my favorite empty climaxes ever. Here's hoping Hollywood understands what made it work so well when they push out the impending remake.

Morpheus O (mx) wrote: The story was very good and the acting was excellent but, I found the movie to be missing a very specific subplot as well as a very specific type of character - the developmentally stunted, fear & hate mongering, tinfoil hat-wearing, religious fundamentalist, conspiracy theorist! It didn't take much away from the film, and maybe in a perfect world such brain-dead morons wouldn't even exist...and perhaps that is something that this movie was trying to show but, still, I would have enjoyed seeing a group of idiots, like the WBC, get the fiery damnation that they so richly deserve!

CJ C (nl) wrote: A classic, one of my fave A&Cs. Funny bits with interesting sets.

Will M (ru) wrote: Sharp, romantic noir. Beautifully plotted. Intense performances from leads and supporting cast alike.

STCENTERPRISE (ru) wrote: The movie kind of reminds me of a mix of A Christmas Carol and It's A Wonderful Life. The movie is too quiet in some spots and becomes difficult to hear what they are saying. I thought that the devil was interesting how they make him look like a Leprechaun with his appearance and a sack of gold. This film does a good job at creating a likable villain even though the Devil should not be presented as likable at all. I felt like this film made it so the devil let go too easily.

Amy L (ca) wrote: strictly speaking i probably should not be rating this one b/c i translated this movie into chinese to be aired in china a couple of years ago--the 2007 elizabeth the golden age looks a lot like this one--but this movie still remains one of my fav because: vivien leigh sings in it *_^

Johnny F (ca) wrote: I also remember loving this movie!

Shane D (es) wrote: Very hard to redeem this effort. Not even in an ironic "hate-watch" kinda way.