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Evil Lemon 6 (nl) wrote: Juan Antonio Bayona makes a masterfully crafted and beautiful tear jerker that brings the term to a whole new level. Bring the tissues.

Juan C (de) wrote: This film is a BUZZ KILL! Thanks for ruining my high. This movie is crap and I really love stoner films, But this was just too unfunny and boring. Watch "Dazed and Confused" instead. Pass on this move, and pass the joint instead. :-)

Reese H (ca) wrote: YES! Another good movie enjoyed, went off a little through it; but it's good to watch!!

Jerry F (us) wrote: I think you may need to be 'on something' to appreciate this film ? It's a bit too wacky for me. But still 3 Stars because it 'had it's moments'.

Greg S (it) wrote: This is my first review - and I will do my best to be honest. Because I defend people for a living, I may have been a bit generous in this review (I was tempted to give it a 6, instead of the 7 that I gave it). [color=Red][b] I don't like to bash something that is not worthy of bashing, and in my opinion, this is not a bashable movie. [/b][/color] Here are the [color=Red]movie's strengths[/color]: The beginning and ending were fairly fun to watch. It was family friendly, for example, there was no profanity, no kids sassing off to their parents in an over the top way, and no violence or sex. Moreover, I loved the concept, and the movie had some cute lead actors with some fun lines. I thought the camera work (cinematography) overall was pretty good. The young kids in the movie performed fairly well. I watched this with my wife and five kids, and it held their interest throughout. [color=Red]We even paused it when somebody had to use the restroom. Weaknesses[/color]: Had the scenes been shorter, the movie would have been much, much better - the middle of the movie dragged on a bit, but was still watchable (at times my kids got a bit restless). I was a bit disappointed with the acting of the male leads (the movie actually had some good actors!) at times, and the female lead was just flat out [i]terrible[/i] (Lauren Holly). I felt the kids should have played a bigger role. The "bad guy" could have been featured a bit more, too. I did not think the movie was predictable, and the ending surprised (but disappointed) me a bit. Another weakness is written at the end of this posting, but do NOT read it unless you want to ruin the move before you see it.) Because it is so tough to find good films for families that are not totally sappy, I am not going to beat up on this film. Overall, I liked it, and if your family has seen everything, and is looking for a cute movie, this is a good - but not excellent - one. I have seen some Hollywood flops, and I would NOT put this in that category by any means.[color=DarkGreen][b] It was worth what I paid for the DVD. [/b][/color] The movie will be funnier to those who have actually taken part in the Pinewood Derby, which would be zillions of Mormons, who support the Cub Scouts like Catholics support Notre Dame football. In fact, I think this movie was in essence a movie made for Mormons that was cleverly disguised as a movie for a general audience. Why do I say that? Well, the actors (the dads) all had wives that actually lived with them, were white or Latino, and the "delivery guy" of the Derby "Bibles" has been featured in MANY sappy Mormon films. Of course, non-Mormons would likely not see these nuances, but to a Mormon whose seen many LDS flicks, this film will certainly come across as [i][b]very[/b][/i] Mormon. In fact, I bought it from Seagull Books in Utah, which is a Mormon bookstore. [color=Red]My alternative ending[/color]: [b][i]I think it would have been better if the winning child's car had actually placed second to that of his own father[/i][/b]. It seemed ludicrous to me that the dad's car would lose a wheel when it was worked on for more than 100 hours. I felt there was just no way a car of that quality would simply fall apart. I don't like it when writers contradict themselves. First the car is the best in the world, then a wheels falls off. Oh yeah, sure, the three men who put it together simply forgot to nail it in properly. Give me a break! Had the father won, he would have felt like mud, and he would have gotten his just desserts. He could have apologized publicly, etc. I thought that allowing his car to just peeter out was a TOTAL cop out.

Melanie E (mx) wrote: Terrible movie! Don't see it! There is always something better on... I'd even watch curling instead.

Jason O (kr) wrote: Whoopi Goldberg rocks, and this was surprisingly good to have went so's all the way live!

Bill B (es) wrote: One of those oddball movies that I somehow never got around to when I was in my teens, this film is one of the rare ones that sort of feels like it pays off with enough weird shit and zany action to warrant the eye-catching title.Worth a rental for sure.

Calyre Z (fr) wrote: "O est passe mon idole ?"

Christian C (mx) wrote: "Auntie Mame" is the funniest movie to come out of the 1950's. It's far funnier (and frankly, far better) than the Lucile Ball musical remake, "Mame", but it's nowhere near as charming. Despite its anachronistic set elements and its offensive stereotyping, "Auntie Mame" is a brilliant film and an absolute classic.

Christopher S (mx) wrote: Laconic film noir melodrama (credited to John Farrow, but allegedly mostly directed by Richard Fleischer) suffers from an overlong, muddled plot and some major tonal shifts. Elements of violent crime thriller, romantic melodrama, and offbeat comedy are strong independently, but mix uneasily. What pulls it through is the cast - especially Robert Mitchum with his unique brand of cool and Vincent Price at his hammy best - spouting some razor-sharp dialogue in stylishly-shot exotic locales. Despite its flaws, great fun for classic movie fans.

Jeanette B (mx) wrote: Cheesy cheesy and BEYOND cheesy! So bad I couldn't even finish the movie....waste of time.

Andrey B (de) wrote: So trashy that you just like it. Too many titties and asses though, you just get tired of them.

Isadore H (fr) wrote: Despite its flawed plot and the absence of Alfred, The Dark Knight Rises proves to be one of the best third installments to a superhero franchise, and mounts up to a more than satisfying conclusion of the story of the Dark Knight. The third film is was makes this one of the best trilogies put to screen, second only to The Lord of the Rings in my opinion. This is because Nolan knows how to make films that will keep your attention and will make you feel in the moment. The scenes where in finale is happening, and batman and the police are fighting Bane and his forces is a brutal, hard-hitting sequence. When Bruce Wayne is trapped in the prison, I truly got the feeling of isolation and dreaded what would happen to batman when the film was all done. There are so many examples of this in the film, and it has proved to be the pillar on which Nolan has made each of the movies, all made to feel and look like it could actually happen in real life, while staying true to the incredible source material. Admittedly, this is a step down from the Dark Knight, mostly because of the strange back fixing scene for me, as well as a few other liberties taken with the plot. However, I must comment on Tom Hardys performance as Bane, this guy has been one of my favorite actors, and it started with this role, Heath Ledger left some impossible shoes to fill after his performance as arguably the best villian performance ever as the Joker, and Hardy, who was not very well known at the time, absolutely ate the screen as Bane. This was not an easy task either, as he had on a mask for the entirety of the film, but despite this, he proved worthy to be placed in the same trilogy as the Ledger performance, and not only made it his own, but in my opinion was just as captivating of a character as the joker was in the pervious film, just an entirely different person. Ever since that film, I have made an effort to watch a lot more of his films previous to this one, and found it to be bewildering as to how surprised everyone was when he did as good as he did, he was a great actor all along. This performance, as well as the rest of the amazing cast, and the surefire direction of Christopher Nolan, makes this a film that is one of my favorites

Harry L (es) wrote: The title say it all, Heavy Traffic is heavy. Definitely something that'll rock the boat, and through in some surreal confusion to boot. Still, it acts truthful without being too cartoony about it.