Bolshoj Uh

Bolshoj Uh


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:10 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Bolshoj Uh torrent reviews

Quasar L (au) wrote: A presentation of not so common, in many ways unrelatable rare relationships; and the point of views of isolating self identity associated with stunted normalcy in life & development. Normally intriguing dialogue and a series of real life events is challenged by the silence of a kid wise beyond his years but unable to connect to the world. He thrives and transcends his predicament in a mysterious fictional dramatic coma. Maybe too pass for a troubled mind to enjoy.

Chris G (ag) wrote: Smarter than the average horror film, Oculus elevates itself by focusing on suspense instead of gore and delicately paired parallel time lines to tell the movie's story.

Andrew S (us) wrote: Qohen Leth is a reclusive computer genius living in an undetermined future, who works as a programmer for the Orwellian organisation Corporation ManCom. He resides in an ancient derelict church, awaiting a phone call that will give meaning to his life. When the mysterious 'Management' summons him to crack the Zero Theorem, a formula that could answer everything, and the seductive Bainsley and the turbulent Bob barge into his controlled universe, Leth's existence is set to irrevocably change.

Amy H (au) wrote: Very comical! Am pretty sure this isn't a horror movie but soft porn!

Brad S (nl) wrote: This film features an excellent cast including Christian Bale, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck, Sam Sheppard, Zoe Saldana, and more, yet it doesn't fully work. The story runs in similar territory as "Winter's Bone" but the story is nowhere near as compelling. Despite the strong performers, the film is let down by the screenplay and slow pacing. This one if for big fans of the cast only.

Tommy F (de) wrote: Tip: rewatch Casino Royale before watching this movie. It picks up a few hours and is truly an extension to the 1st film. Really enjoyed the continuation of the 1st story with a near callback to the Sean Connery classics.

Daphne C (us) wrote: utterly pretentious. being a film about images, it relies completely on words.

Jesse K (es) wrote: The cinematography is stunning while the story is somehow morbidly beautiful. Great stuff, although my least favourite of the trilogy.

Lauren D (ag) wrote: I watched a bit of this on TV about 4 years ago and I always remembered the title. Since I've been a 'bit' obsessed with Chevy Chase lately, I decided to finally watch it. As it turned out I had actually watched 40 minutes of it all those years ago (starting from around 30 minutes into it).Anyway... I actually quite liked it. I'm surprised at the negative reviews about it. The effects were good. It was a bit slow, but not in a bad way. Acting was fine. I didn't feel like it didn't know where it was at. It felt like it was a drama, but not totally serious. And I thought Chevy Chase was actually quite good (could have something to do with this weird mood I've been in, but I'm not really a fan). And I hate Daryl Hannah but even she didn't suck too bad.

Jared B (it) wrote: Really cool first action sequence. Doesn't do anything else for me beyond that.