Shalini, the daughter of the Police Commissioner who's being pursued by the sadistic son of a don takes refuge under Anand, a street smart ruffian.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Kannada
  • Reference:Imdb
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Shalini, the daughter of the Police Commissioner who's being pursued by the sadistic son of a don takes refuge under Anand, a street smart ruffian. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shane K (mx) wrote: Regrettably the sub titles at the beginning are going at 100 miles an hour, making it almost impossible to look at the movie for 2 seconds without missing 14 sentences. The people's voices were almost cartoonish. Don't always believe the ratings.

Alex K (kr) wrote: Not as good as the first 2.

Javier V (nl) wrote: No se, siento que no tuvo sentido. Era una especie de pasin reprimida...muy reprimida...o quiza de conciencia. No estuvo mala, pero no creo que la quiera volver a ver.

Venkat M (au) wrote: actual story doesn't live up to the larger than life image of the movie.

Paul W (nl) wrote: Wow. What a poorly written movie. ...and not even any Penelope Cruz nudity to redeem it.

Tracy B (ru) wrote: Completely fascinating and unlikely story that is uplifting without being hokey. I really enjoyed this one and would definitely recommend it.

Stephen E (gb) wrote: Many will be discouraged to watch Brother From Another Planet simply because of the movie's premise and title. I'll admit that it doesn't exactly sound interesting, but if you're a fan of John Sayles, this is sure to be a delight.The Brother (the silent lead character played by Joe Morton) is a walking metaphor. That much you can pick up on from about ten minutes in. But what exactly is he a metaphor for? Does he represent the slavery of the African-American race? Or does he truly represent an alien, in the most realistic sense of the word? Maybe he stands for both. But he's the good guy here, and despite his stoic nature, you learn to like him. Joe Morton does a great job in the role, really capturing as much of the emotion of the character without ever actually saying a word. It's pretty magical.The plot develops as you would expect it to. This Brother is here to help and he can work wonders, almost Messiah-like. It all sounds pretty cheesy, but to watch it all unfold on the TV is something else. It's got some great scenes in it and the camerawork is great. I just liked the whole style of it in general. These kinds of low-budget films always seem to get to me. By the way, did you know that John Sayles financed this movie with some of his MacArthur Fellows 'genius' grant? Did you know that he was one of the few to be selected for that award? I mean, come on. That's pretty impressive.The only problem that I had with Brother From Another Planet is that it became more preposterous as it went along. But it didn't do this at once, like go from 'normal' to 'crazy' with a single action. No, it builds slowly over the last half hour or so until it all just explodes in a ridiculously choreographed action scene. That's when I sort of lost interest. But thank God it was close to the end. By saying this, I'm not at all dissing John Sayles. I think the man's a fabulous filmmaker, and Lone Star is really the only film of his that I've seen. I just think he could've patched the ending up a little bit better. Things would've been a little more enjoyable than they were, and that's why I didn't like Brother From Another Planet as much I wanted to. Part of me was saying 'Man, this is cool', while another part was going 'Seriously, man? This is ridiculous.' But hell, I don't care. Watch this film. If you think it's stupid, turn it off. But try not to. Even if it bores you, just try to get interested. Who knows? Maybe you'll learn something.

Aljane C (jp) wrote: Longish...but worthy of the extra length.Not one to watch if you like cuddly scruples back in '74...

Jaime R (us) wrote: An astonishing show of violence for its time, and it still holds up to this date.

Eber N (us) wrote: An immortal classic that will last for ever and ever and still captivates children and adults alike, a magical nanny taking care of a few unruly children helping them to order their room snapping his fingers, into an animated world in a painting in the floor, laughing and floating on the ceiling or dancing to the rooftops with chimney sweeps, it's amazing, you can feel happy and content being lost in this wonderful world where dreams and hopes are fulfilled because that is the true magic of movies , tries to escape and disconnect from the world, people are tired of the harsh reality, he just wants to enjoy, see fiction and forget about the problems of life for a few hours looking at the screen, because quoting the great Walt Disney "is what we do storytellers: restore order with imagination, we infuse hope again and again, "the film is much more than a machine to print money is an escape to places where everything is possible and nothing is what it seems.

Stephen C (gb) wrote: crap of the highest order I hated this film and I'm fairly willing to let most things slide .its hard to care about a film when most of the characters are so hatefulJustin Timberlake is good but it can't save what is a Scarface wannabe that can't touch that film in the interesting stakes.Bruce Willis turns up in a hairpiece and adds nothing and Sharon Stones prosthetic makeup is so bad in the latter parts of the film you can as Eric Morecambe used to say see the join.Somebody said I wasn't in the right frame of mind to watch this film.Well I was and I really don't know why you would want to spend your time with these people .Awful with a capital A

Ryan W (gb) wrote: Blade Trinity will entertain people with some of its action but for others it is just dull and lifeless and just focuses on a series of very mindless and at times truly lame action sequences

James F (mx) wrote: In my top 5, so well written from these two, Robin Williams is amazing, hits every sense.

Turtleboy G (kr) wrote: This is by far one of the worst movies ever made. It wasn't scary, funny, exciting, it was nothing! In about the last half hour, I was so excited that it was ending that I almost just stopped watching it. It definitely wasn't memorable or good in any way. It was just stupid and plain boring. There wasn't a single scene that I thought was fun or exciting. And to be honest, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm giving this movie a 0.5/5.

Kevin S (us) wrote: Quirky but dark story but with a good cast and good acting. Enjoyed the movie much more than I thought I would.

Jeff V (it) wrote: I like Dungeons & Dragons. I like the idea of movies based on D&D. There are a few decent ones and a lot of bad ones. This one is just stupid. It's only relevance to the game is in the title. I can't think of any audience who would enjoy this.