Bombi Bitt och jag

Bombi Bitt och jag

A Swedish feature film based on a novel by Fritiof Nilsson Piraten.

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Bombi Bitt och jag torrent reviews

Ben C (fr) wrote: such a good movie. cast really shines and there's not a dull moment.

Sally B (ag) wrote: It's a very good movie with very good actors as Alice Krige, Laura Dern or John Travolta.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: Excellent film one of Dwayne and Seanns best, Good plot and some nice fight scenes and the humour tops it off.

Jonny B (es) wrote: Eccentric and enjoyable and mildly informative to those who are not familiar with Wittgenstein.

Linn M (kr) wrote: it is nowhere to be found on dvd....only with dutch lyrics... Anyone who knows where to get it?

Christopher S (kr) wrote: Uneven World War II epic gets off to a strong start, but loses itself in a slow, talky mid-section, so when the action finally ramps up in the final act, it has failed to generate much suspense. Not a terrible movie, but nothing all that memorable.

Orlok W (us) wrote: They don't make them like that anymore!!

Matthew M (it) wrote: I've been wanting to see this for years, but until recently it hadn't been available on video. Now that I have seen it, I'm not sure how to feel about it. Certainly a tremendously good film. But compared to other Kurosawa films, this one seems rather inconsistent and at times very weakly executed. That being said, Mifune's portrayal of Nakajima is astounding, and ends up being the only consistently great element of the film. But I still really enjoyed this, and I think it has more to do with the way Kurosawa tackles his themes. Despite the fact that the principal character is terrified of the bomb, Kurosawa explores nuclear paranoia with a lot more subtelty than I would have expected. Of course, for someone watching this in 2008, talking about the threat of nuclear annhiliation in film would probably seem hackneyed, but that's only because most of us have grown up with many many other films devoted to these sames sorts of themes. If we remember that this film was made in 1955, Kurosawa's treatment actually comes to look downright brilliant in its innovation. The final scene alone is enough to warrant me calling this a masterpiece, despite its flaws. Mifune's character, sitting in a psychiatric ward, thinks he's safely on another planet. He sees the sun out his window and remarks that "the Earth has finally gone up in flames." Absolutely stunning.

Allen G (ag) wrote: A suberb cast, strong script, and warm-heart allow 'Almost Famous' to live up its (quite substantial) level of hype. A classic rock n' roll film mixed with a complex teen drama/romance- 'Almost Famous' hits all of the right spots and never wastes a minute of its 2 hour runtime. It feels legitimate, both aesthetically, as well as emotionally and it works perfectly well as a coming-of-age flick and a drama. Further, it has some laughs to keep you going and, overall, it just manages to be a sweet film without being sickening. There's a nostalgia that surrounds this whole movie, so much so that I doubt I'll ever forget when I watched it. I look forward to watching it ten years from now and being nostalgic of when I first saw it. It may bore those who aren't particularly passionate about the music industry, but it still has enough interesting and complex characters to be worth anyone's time.

Dion D (ca) wrote: A true '80s classic that is truly flawless. It's one of those rare cases where every filmmaking decision, from story, script, performances and editing, is completely on point. Quite possibly the definitive '80s comedy.

Timothy J (es) wrote: Dated cult spoof comedy. Doesn't really hold up too well.

D M (ca) wrote: I actually originally saw this in the theatre. Definitely a lower budget movie (Canon Films produced this as they were falling apart as a company), but has all the prominent actors once again returning. This, the fourth entry features a much more convoluted story often lacking continuity; it is much goofier than any of the others. Superman shows his hippie side as Gene Hackman is a black market nuclear arms dealer who creates a nuclear-powered anti-Superman. The Hackman's nephew must have inspired Scott Evil. I wanted to like this more, but the penny-pinching was obvious in all aspects of the movie.